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70 dam wall

Discussion in 'Lei' started by OhgmA, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. OhgmA

    OhgmA Active Member

    im having trouble with the trail training for lei-fei where you have to float em against the wall for a combo of 70 dam, ive gotten 67 but i dunno what i did that time heh.. anyone know of one i could use..

    damn training.. i want that trophy!
  2. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    ff+P (wall hit) ~ uf+K (float) ~ PPP ~ (Scorpion) PP+K ~ uf+K+G ~ df+K stomp

    That should net you a heckuva lot more than 70pts. /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif

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