A challenge for you, Andy (CrewNYC)

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Mar 19, 2001.

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    "Shang Yang: 5:1 at NYG, I made it a point to beat Shang with Pai, Jacky and just about anyone I wanted to pick. In fact I beat him with a scrubby lau pretty badly, which he mocked since I really didnt play to well but still won."

    Cut the BS here it is: Come to Boston and win over 50% against me. If you do I will pay for all your expenses and I will take you out to the any restaurant you want in Boston. If you don't win over 50%, I will still pay for your expenses and take you out to any restaurant you want. If you win, you prove your point. If you lose all I ask you is that you apologies for the vfers in Boston on the stuff you've been posting. You may come on ANY weekend you like, I'll make time for you. We can make this a friendly event without hostility.

    If you don't take the challenge then Rich is right about you and you should stop posting non-sense. Let’s put your money where your mouth is.

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    Shang I would, in fact i'll ask Adam if he wants to drive up there. I will be more than happy to play you. Anyone who knows me though, Knows I HAVE to plan in advance to go places. Moat is already asking alot. I work like a maniac and am on call alot. Basically 24x7 and whenever I am needed to do something.

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    Is that a NO then? andy?

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    Re: Is that a NO then? andy?

    No thats a: I'll ask and try to make plans answer :) Are you going to head over to Moat?


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