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Discussion in 'Virtua Fighter 4' started by NewcomerIncoming, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. NewcomerIncoming

    NewcomerIncoming New Member

    Hello everyone!
    I just wanted to ask a few questions on Virtua Fighter 4 EVO:
    - How does it compare to Virtua Fighter 5 and its subsequent updates? I have either heard that Virtua Fighter 4 EVO is superior or quite inferior VF5 and FS and I was interested on knowing how much of both of this assertions ring truth;
    - For a beginner, wich character is better to start with? I understand that all of the Virtua Fighter games demand an increadible amount of dedication, and I was curious to know if any of the characters of the series are recommended for those who are starting to play;
    Thanks for your time!
  2. Lygophilia

    Lygophilia Well-Known Member

    Which game that you prefer is about personal preference. So, I wouldn't get caught into the comparison. However, since you have an in-depth tutorial, VF4 Evo is a start for a beginner to the series. I would say shuffle through the characters that fits you, because the way the system is built, everyone is forgiving to start with. If you prefer more characters as you've gotten your feel, then buy the last one as well.

    Personally, I prefer VF3, because it was the most innovative one out of the series. Have fun.
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  3. NewcomerIncoming

    NewcomerIncoming New Member

    Hey! Thank you! that actually help me a lot! I am also suprised you said your favorite is the third one, most of the comments from other forums that I have read usuallu regard VF3 in a lower regard than the other games of the series, I will try to play VF3 in a near future to check it out myself
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  4. Lygophilia

    Lygophilia Well-Known Member

    No problem. ^_^

    Also, after the 4th series installments, the series became even more forgiving from there. You'll jump right in with VF5/VF5FS, if you choose to.
  5. cobratron

    cobratron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    As we were picking Jin Kage's brain at dinner last night he revealed that he started with VF4 and prefers or at least has a greater fondness for it over the other games.
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  6. erdraug

    erdraug Well-Known Member Content Mgr Vanessa

    @NewcomerIncoming Welcome to the community!

    I would recommend staying away from the 2 VF4evo characters, Brad and Goh, as they are not fully fleshed out as the rest of the cast yet (in this version).

    If you are a newcomer to 3D fighting games you could also initially avoid stance-based characters (Shun, Lei Fei and Vanessa) which require a LOT of memorisation due to their huge and situational movelists.

    If you are a newcomer to fighting games in general, then i would recommend staying away from characters which require high execution skills (Akira's just frames, Wolf's 360 throws, Kage's dragonpunch etc. it really depends on your finger agility)
  7. NewcomerIncoming

    NewcomerIncoming New Member

    Hello! Thank You! I´m really lovig this community!
    So, I´m really glad I had a previous experience with Tekken and a little bit of Dead or Alive because I am currently using Lei Fei and I´m having a blast! He´s fun o play, he´s combos are great to pull off and I´m trying to get my way through quest mode and is being one of the best experience I had ever had in a fighting game. i ask about how it compared to Virtua Fighter 5 because I want it, in a long run, write a few pieces about the series in my blog (is really small, and mostly about movies, but I´m trying to try my hand on game analysis) so I really wanted to experience for myself AND get some opinions of experience players. Virtua Fighter is being one of the most satisfying experiences I ever had playing a game, so it kinda peaked my imagination. I´m reading about the lore and trying to get deeper with Lei Fei (I wanna try more characters, but first I wanna spend more time with Fei, I kinda of connected with his fighting style, which is funny because I generaly prefer using shotokan fighters).
    Anyway, thank you for the answer, I´m getting great feedback from everyone here!
  8. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Brad and Goh in Evo are amazing choices. In my hometown during that time a very strong tekken player by the name of unconkable chose brad and turned him into monster. He made our very own SHOU run home to mama crying and complaining and boy those tears were very funny.

    Play who you want since all characters are legit choices, but understand v4evo and vf4ft is the best vf amounted too. The vf5 era is when sega was introduced to crystal meth and really never bounced back.
  9. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    While you're entitled to your own opinion about what you prefer in the VF series, it would be very much appreciated if you didn't taint newcomers with it at every opportunity. Especially when you tout it as some widely accepted or even objective fact, of which it is clearly neither.
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