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    I was just experimenting with Pai and got this combo out... dunno if any of you have done this before. It requires special terrain and special people since it doesn't work all the time.

    Step 1.

    Get yourself in the position shown with you facing the stairs as seen here
    (www.angelfire.com/nj/BiruVF/sarahs.jpg). Seen it? Good. By the way, it only works on Sarah and Pai but NOT Aoi. She's far too light.

    Step 2. See the red arrow? That's the path you have to do the combo.

    Step 3. Combo!

    1. df+P, P, f+P : Pai does her uppercut to get the opponent in the air. By this times, you should be on the steps of the stairs.
    2. K : Give the opponent a kick, but take precaution not to do K,K.
    3. As the path is going uphill, another kick should be easily done without buffering in. Use f+E, not f,f,K as it may perform her stupid lunging kick if you need to buffer in.
    4. You should be going straight and downhill by now. Do f,f+P to carry the person to the wall. The opponent should be perpendicular. If there is a need to get into position, do a d+E, though not recommended.
    5. Against the wall, do a kick again to lift the person high. After that, do a PPPd+K or if possible, do a PPPK. End of combo.

    In all, the combo is

    df+P,P,f+P -> K -> K -> f,f+P -> K -> P P P d+K

    Step 4 - Preventives


    The opponent block the df+P, P, f+P
    A: Then try again!

    The opponent was crouching when I did the df+P, p, f+P.
    A: Then give the combo up, or do a uf+K,K to add damage.

    The opponent cannot float to the second kick.
    A: Then do a PPPd+K, or use the f,f+P (K) to continue.

    The opponent cannot float after f,f+P.
    A: At least a d+K,K should be able to hit!!!

    The opponent cannot float past the third kick.
    A: Are you sure the position is correct? If its properly done, it should be possible!!!

    The opponent can't get past PPPd+K.
    A: Do a PPd+K+G or uf+KK.

    Any questions? Post here!


    <font color=orange>Better run home to Mama now! Ohohohohoho...</font color=orange>

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