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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Jan 20, 2000.

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    It seems like most of Shun's combos off of the Chowan require 'x' amount of drunken points to perform. My question is, what should I do if I happen to land a chowan at the beginning of a match, when a have hardly an DP, or if I do a df+P+G throw, with next to no DP. I know someone is prolly gonna say "Well, you shouldn't do those moves until you have enough DP to do some damage."
    Point taken. But I'm not accustomed this whole DP thing and I'm used to characters have all their moves from the onset. Anyhow, some form of feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    VF newbie in Grover Beach, CA (like any of you know where that is....)
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    What i normally do after a chouwan is shun's d/b + p , k combo or try chouwan , backfist (b + p), pounce (u + p).
    I'm sure there are much better things to do depending on the stage you're on.

    I'd like to see the combos suggested by the greater Shun players though.
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    I know someone is prolly gonna say "Well, you shouldn't do those moves until you have enough DP to do some damage."

    No, I'm gonna say, "Why don't you experiment and try to come up with some Shun air combos yourself?" If you'd like some feedback or specific advice, this forum is the perfect place for that. I'm not a fan of giving newbies shortcuts and quick answers (like what's the best combo for character X, etc) because, I believe, they'll be missing out a lot of the fun that VF can offer.

    It seems to me that lot of new players these days are afraid or are just too lazy to learn, and that bothers me. All you really need is a movelist and your imagination. Couple this with the experienced individuals on this board, and I'm sure your journey through VF will be a long and pleasurable one, rather than quick and cheap.

    m y k e
    how ya gonna win when ya ain't right within?
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    I like to do:

    -d/f+P+G, chouwan, f,f+K
    -d/f+P+G, b,f+P,P,P, d/f+K+G

    These combos do not require any DP...

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