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A Virtua Fighter Script

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Poppa, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    Many think that Virtua Fighter's story is...sub-par (let's leave it at that for the moment). However, I think it actually has potential, provided we re-work a few key areas. Thus, I wrote a short intro script. The purpose of this topic is to simply get your thoughts and opinions. My goal is to eventually get to a point of a quality character driven story (read: MGS, Fight Club and Shawshank redemption). Also, as this is technically my first script, I think it would reward me with some decent practice before I tackle my very own original ideas.

    So please, offer criticism, advice on how to properly write a script, story ideas, what you like and dislike, etc...

    Also, I still haven't decided whether or not this script should be for a movie or for VF's story mode (should they ever get one). I'm currently writing this as a movie script. If you would like me to make it as a VF story mode script, just say so.

    One last note: I actually haven't really read up on the story of VF. I figured I would just get the basics (i.e. Character histories and stuff).

    Here goes:

    FADE IN:


    Late at night, Akio Yuki is taking a nice long piss. Hell, he earned it after that
    crazy day.

    Akio leans his head back as if leaning back on the sofa. He lets out a sigh of
    relief...it would be a while before he got the chance to do that again.

    Fucking crazy bastards. How the hell they gonna pull this
    The U.N. will tear this place apart.

    As if on queue...

    They'll never figure it out.

    As Akio was taking a piss, Wu Chan slipped to the stall next to him...Unusually
    calm, as usual. A chinese man who's been Akio's superior for years...as well as his
    only friend. He's a man of multiple talents.

    We trust you with this Akio. You're the best there is.
    Don't fuck it up.

    How the hell do you expect me to get what you want?

    Just like the boss said...by ANY means necessary. Hell, be
    creative, that's why he asked you in the first place. He
    loves those ideas of yours.

    Akio zips up and heads for the door. Wu grabs his shoulder just as he went out of
    reach. He pulled him in with a slight force...leaned toward his ear...

    DON'T...fuck this up Mr. Yuki...

    Y-yes sir!

    Wu loosens his grip.

    Wash your God damn hands first.

    Akio goes to the sink obediently...

    Hello Akio! How have you been!

    ...as we finally realize that this isn't no ordinary office building. We're in a new
    high tech building fitted with the newest gadgets and technology, stuff that the
    public won't see for years.

    Yeah...fine, fine.

    The Boss would like to have a word with you if you can

    Akio now sports a slightly worried look.

    What's he want?

    Just a word, nothing more. Have nice day!

    Smartass sink...

    Akio leaves the washroom quickly. As Wu watches him leave, he smiles.

    Wu starts to laugh maniacally, but his laugh is muffled by the tightly sealed door
    that just closed behind Akio as we...

    CUT TO:


    Akio is rushing throughout the office trying to get to his just recently scheduled

    J6, the leading manufacturer of military weapons whose CEO is currently the
    wealthiest man in the world.

    Akio is seen rushing to the elevators. We're only now able to truly appreciate the
    wealth of this corporation.

    The busy as bees workers seem so happy and content, Akio really seems out of place
    with worry. We now see him waltz by the set of windows, where all is seen is a
    beautiful baby blue sky. He finally gets to the elevator.

    He is alone as he enters and pushes the button for the Boss' floor. As the doors
    close, we are instantaneously brought into the...


    ...as Akio begins to soar to the top.

    The elevator is made of glass too! The floor of the elevator is what truly makes
    this impressive as we can see the beautiful ocean waves underneath.

    CUT TO:


    It turns out, the office is so advanced in technology that it is actually a giant
    floating glass FORTRESS. Underneath lies the beautiful Pacific, only a few hundred
    yards away are the beautiful mountain cliffs of the nearby island...

    And the J6 testing grounds.

    A GIANT EXPLOSION is seen off to into the island as we pan back into...


    ...with Akio. The smoke of the blast can still be seen through the glass. Akio's
    gotten used to it in the years he's been employed with J6.

    He finally reaches his destination after nervously playing with his watch the whole
    way up. His hair is a mess after running his fingers through it.

    As he exits the elevator, he seems to see something surprising and lunges himself
    back in it.

    He slowly peers out.


    We now see what scared the shit out of him, a beautiful young girl stands next to
    the secretary's desk. The desk itself sits next to two HUGE double doors.

    Akio hides himself in the elevator, his worries seem to have melted away. A smile
    creeps on his face. He quickly rearranges himself, fixing his hair in the shine of
    the elevator controls.

    Akio is now seen waltzing out of the elevator, trying to be cool like James
    Bond...he isn't and everyone knows it.

    Hey Betty!

    Hey sweetheart!

    Akio was speaking to the secretary. A fairly nice lady. Young, but still too old for
    young Akio.

    Akio watches as the beautiful blonde stands aloof fixing files.

    The Boss called me?

    Why yes he did. Just hold up a sec.

    She turns on the intercom.

    (in the intercom)
    Boss, Mr. Yuki just arrived.

    BOSS (V.O.)
    (from intercom)
    Hold on.

    Akio leans over to Betty.

    So...who's the blonde.

    Betty whispers back.

    New intern, Sarah Bryant, straight from the college down on
    the mainland.

    Akio turns to her.

    Oh really. I graduated there last year.
    Top of my class.

    Akio was trying to impress. Sarah turns to face him, files in hand. She's taller
    than Akio, but he couldn't care less.

    Oh really. That's quite impressive. I'll be graduating this
    year...top of my class.

    Akio gets a smile on his face. She's confident. At least they have, or will have,
    one thing in common.

    So...how do you like working here.

    She's taller then Akio, but he couldn't care less. She smiles.

    It's alright. Seems like a pretty cool and exciting place,
    what with the bombs going off and all.

    She says it while maintaining a cool voice.

    You know, if you're doing anything later today, I'd be glad
    to give you the tour of the place.

    Sarah smiles.

    I got martial arts later. But if you got the time

    I got the time.
    Alright then...a tour it is.

    Sarah returns to her work.

    Betty gives him the good old sign of approval. Akio looks over at Sarah who's now
    bent over arranging files. But what he was really looking at is her nice ass. Akio
    turns back to Betty and gives her a big sign of approval as well.

    Betty looks over at what Akio just approved of. She now gives him a nod of
    disapproval...but can't help having a smile over her face.

    Before Akio could say something cool and smooth...

    BOSS (V.O.)
    (through intercom)
    Let him in Betty.

    Yes sir.

    She turns to Akio.

    You heard the man.

    Akio stares at the big double doors. He just remembered why he's here.

    Of course. So he just wants a word right?

    That's all. Just a bunch of letters strung together. You'll
    be fine. I know when he's angry, and he ain't angry with
    you. He likes you, you know.

    Akio moves to the doors and waits in front of them. This time, the same computerized
    voice is heard on top of the door.

    Welcome, Mr. Akio Yuki. Please, make yourself at home.

    The two GIANT doors slowly start to open. We see Akio waiting silently in front with
    Sarah and Betty working diligently behind. We slowly enter the pitch black chambers
    of the Boss right as Akio begins to walk in.

    Pitch black...

    BOSS (V.O.)
    Share with me your thoughts and feelings, your ideas...I'm
    here to help you. Together, we can build a better world...

    FOR THE GREATEST PRIZE IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS!" appear in a tv commercial. We
    start to pull away from the tv as we realize we're in someone's apartment.


    Boxes lay strewn all over the floor, someone has just moved in.

    "1 year later" flashes on the screen.

    SARAH (O.S.)
    So, why Virtua Fighter?

    We slowly pan to the couch, where the two love birds sit cuddled and content.

    BOSS (V.O.)
    Akio, I chose you because you always have the best ideas.
    You can get anything, you can sell anything.

    Makes the consumer think it's less real than it really is.

    Morals have nothing to do with anything. This is a
    business. You'll deal with your personal issues on your own
    time. In here, it's all about the job and nothing more.

    Let me ask you something crazy.

    I trust you. Our investors trust you and we're all counting
    on you.

    Of course.

    Remember, everything your currently working on is top
    secret. Our motivations for the Dural project are nobody's
    business. You can't tell anyone.

    How would you feel if I entered the tournament? I'm pretty
    damn good, remember when I kicked your ass for making a
    move on the first date?

    Akio looks devastated. Sure, he remembers the bruises he had on the second date, but
    she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. And he can't even tell her.

    Sarah hasn't noticed the change of expression.

    You know what the consequences are.

    I got to go!

    When you coming back?

    Not even the kingdom of a thousand burning souls can keep
    me from you.

    Never knew you were such a poet. Be careful out there, it's
    late. Lots of crazies come out at this time.

    You know I'm always extra careful.

    CUT TO:


    We pan over to two suits sitting at the bar.

    You should tell her, it's for her own good.

    You're right.

    He takes a final shot of bourbon and grabs his coat to head out.

    You're a good friend Wu, thank you.

    We're entering a new age. You have a chance to make J6
    usher in that age. You'll be rich, we'll all be rich. But
    most importantly, we'll live in a better world, all thanks
    to you, Akio.

    Akio leaves as Wu picks up his cell and dials a number.

    He just left now. I don't want any screw ups, you got that.

    Wu's fingers start to hurt. He tries to message them in an attempt to comfort the

    The man on the other line is standing on...


    ...where we see Joe's bar down at the bottom as Akio is exiting. We now see who that
    man is...

    You have nothing to worry about.

    Goh Hinogami, a pale assassin of the J6 corporation. The only people who look more
    dead and cold than he are his victims. He wears his usual black leather trenchcoat
    which seems to really define the paleness of his skin. He turns off the phone and
    walks off.

    Get me what I want, by any means necessary.
    But try to be creative, that's what I love about you, Akio.

    Pitch black.

    Dear Akira...

    Akio's voice is heard. He seems sad.


    Akio is seen walking down a dimly lit street. He has just left the bar, heading home
    to tell Sarah the truth. He's taken this path many times before to get home, but he
    can feel something...strange. Tonight, someone's watching him. He quickens the pace.

    As he walks past a dark alley, we hear a voice...

    Got a light?

    Goh, in his trenchcoat, stands against the wall in the alley. Surprisingly, we're
    unable to see his white skin as it's hidden in the darkness.

    Sorry bub, don't smoke.

    Akio continues walking, Goh grabs him by the shoulder.

    (very cool)
    I'm down right addicted to these things, you sure you don't
    got one?

    (a little nervous)

    Goh lets him go and Akio continues walking, this time more quickly then ever. Goh
    lets out a slight smile before disappearing in the darkness.

    This letter was to be sent to you on one condition...That
    of my death.

    Akio is further down the street. He looks behind him...nothing.

    He slows the pace down a bit and lets out a sigh of relief. It's been awhile since
    he's done that, and it feels good to do it again. He puts his head down and smiles.

    He looks up and suddenly obtains a look of shock. There, standing next to a lamp
    post smoking a cigarette, is Goh Hinogami.

    His skin is illuminated by the light off of the street lamp.

    (as if he hasn't noticed Akio)
    Looks like it's my lucky day.
    (takes a long haul)
    These things will be the death of me.

    Akio turns and sprints, he needs to get somewhere fast, anywhere, as long as there
    can be someone to help him.

    You were always the faster one. You could always run
    longer. You were always stronger.
    I need you to enter the tournament I've set up.
    (he chuckles)
    Tournament? Hardly. More like experiment. It's simply a way
    to gather data for the Dural project, a humanoid with
    unnatural fighting ability. They want data from the
    greatest soldiers and fighters from around the world to
    enhance Dural's abilities. The soldiers were easy, they
    have access to those...but the fighters, they were the
    toughest, kinda like you bro. That's where I came in. To
    think of a way to get them to willingly donate their
    fighting abilities.

    Akio has turned in another dark alley. He looks behind him, no one. Until he runs
    into none other than Goh Hinogami who's been waiting for him.

    It was so simple too. Using that stupid office computer,
    while the fighters fight, it'll record and analyze their
    movements giving Dural the ability to mimick them. While I
    don't quite know their full intentions, I could tell you
    that whatever is, it isn't good.

    CUT TO:


    Akio sits tied up to a chair. He's already been beaten. He's out of breath, blood
    dripping from his mouth.

    I haven't told anyone!

    I know that, this is just how Goh gets paid. Not my fault
    he doesn't take Visa.

    Wu emerges from the darkness of the corner. He rubs his hand. It's in immense pain,
    but he doesn't show it.

    Goh is in the room as well. He grabs a chair and pulls it up next to Akio. He's
    extremely calm as he sits in front of Akio. He's done this countless times before.
    He lights a cigarette.

    Man, you don't know what you're missing.

    Goh lays his cigarette down on an ash tray and continues beating Akio. Wu picks up
    his jacket and heads for the door.

    I've always liked you Akio, you and those crazy ideas of

    He leaves and we turn to focus on Goh brutally beating Akio. He hasn't even broken a
    sweat yet.

    That's why you must enter, you need to figure it out.
    There's a section of the main office, where I work, that no
    one is allowed to enter or leave, except, of course, for
    the Boss and a select few employees. It's also the largest
    part of the infrastructure. From my understanding, it's
    where they have the Dural project data located.
    But with the amount of space it takes up, I hardly think
    it's just for the Dural project. Is it a weapon? Probably
    not, we got factories for that. There must be something
    more, and it's something the U.N. won't like.

    As if on queue, Goh finishes his beating. He picks up his cigarette and takes
    another long haul. When he turns around, we can finally see why Wu left so early.

    An empty bottle of gasoline lies on the floor. He unties Akio and puts him on the
    bed, all while still smoking his cigarette. Akio can barely breathe, let alone move.
    Goh proceeds to pocket the rope he used in his trenchcoat.

    He places all the chairs in their proper table positions. Grabs the bottle of
    gasoline and before heading out, does a quick scan of the room. He just remembered
    to do something.

    He goes to an old, cheap wooden desk and pulls out a piece of paper and a pencil. He
    sits at the table and starts to write.

    Dear world, I got nothing to live for.
    Nah, that's not good.
    What do you think?

    I've always trusted you with everything bro. I know you'll
    pull through for me.
    The winner of the tournament not only wins a ton of
    cash...but also a fight with Dural. Another one of their
    experiments...beat her bro...for me.

    Meanwhile, Goh sits writing trying to write a decent letter.

    You got a good way to end this?

    (in pain)
    May the requiem of the Gods usher in my soul into the
    depths of paradise and forever keep me company.

    Ya, ya! That's good. No, that's real good.
    How do you spell requiem?


    Akio begins to laugh.

    Goh finishes his letter.

    That'll do it. Guess it doesn't really matter in the end.
    (lifts the bottle of gasoline)
    What, with this thing and all.

    Akio lets out a chuckle. Goh smiles before taking a final haul of his cigarette and
    heads for the door.

    You know, you're probably the first one to never run.

    (from the bed, his body numb)
    One must accept their fate at times.

    Goh throws his cigarette into the room landing right next to the bed Akio lies on.

    The flames spread quickly throughout the apartment. Goh closes the door behind him.

    We close in on Akio's face. Tears are running down his cheeks, but he's still got a
    smile on his face.

    I know you'll win. That is your fate!


    "1 year ago" appears on screen. We see Akio back in the elevator like in the
    beginning. The smoke from the blast can be seen in the back through the glass.

    Wu, I think we can both agree that Akio has done another
    fantastic job. The tournament idea was a huge hit with the
    investors, especially Mr. Rafale, our biggest investor.
    However, my trust in him has dwindled down over the past
    year. He can't handle the responsibilities anymore. He's
    become a risk.

    Meanwhile, we quickly move past Akio through the glass as we FAST FORWARD into the
    heart of the island, and the blast.


    The blast leaves a huge trail of smoke miles into the air. Gunshots are heard

    Take her down, but don't kill her!

    You still want that thing alive? It'll tear us ap-

    The soldiers words were cut short as we hear POWERFUL PUNCHES, KICKS and FLIPS
    happen somewhere within the blast area. We see several bodies fly out of the smoke
    and into a tree. One being the soldier we just heard.

    The screams and gunshots are unbelievably loud, but they are slowly muted leaving
    nothing but the sound of...

    Deep, hard, metallic breathing.

    We'll proceed without Akio. He's done his part. She can't
    wait any longer. She needs to feel complete. She needs more

    The monotonous breathing is then accompanied by a deep African voice.

    Easy Dural. Poppa's here. I'll protect you.
    No more tests for today, O.K.?

    The smoke slowly clears and the shape of a woman is formed. A man dressed in high
    class military gear can now be seen behind her. His war medals are outstanding. This
    man is Colonel Lewis.

    The woman has no hair, and no skin, only a beautiful blue metal coat. Once she is
    perfectly visible, we see the countless bodies of soldiers around her. We slowly
    move in behind her when...

    She suddenly turns around catching us. Her beautiful metallic blue eyes pierce
    within us. Somehow, there is a sense of sadness within them...something, human.

    She needs to feel flesh again...


    Pitch black. Dural's monotonous, hard, metallic breathing is slowly replaced with
    fast heavy and sporadic breathing of a young woman.

    We slowly fade in to a beautiful young woman's face.


    She appears to be running away, or perhaps, to something. She seems to be on a path
    in the woods. It's night, but her face is lit up by something.

    As if someone is raising the volume, the background noise is raised back to normal

    We can hear something burning...and SCREAMS.

    She stops abruptly and we finally pull away behind her and see what she was running
    to. At the bottom of the cliff she has just come to, a village is ABLAZE.

    The year "1979" flashes at the bottom left.


    Everything is ablaze. The young woman runs around oblivious to everything that goes
    on around her, like the screams and pleas for help.

    She seems to have a specific goal in mind as she races with blinding speed against
    the stream of fleeing villagers. No, she's looking for something specific,
    everything else comes second, including her own life.

    She finally gets to her destination. A home that seems lost to the flames. With
    amazing agility, she jumps to the second story with the help of some nearby barrels.
    She frantically goes through the window.


    A similar path to the one the young woman used, however, this one is covered with J6
    special forces soldiers.

    Lewis! Get your measly butt over here.

    Sir, yes sir!

    The same man we were introduced to earlier. However, he is now a young simple
    soldier taking orders rather than giving them.

    I've heard good things about you soldier. How do feel about
    leading a few men down there to acquire our target?

    It'll be an honor sir!

    Lewis signals to a group of 8 soldiers who immediately move into formation.

    Let's do this thing!

    The group heads down into the flaming village.

    Should've known you'd come running back here. Now your
    finally mine!


    The young woman quickly heads downstairs. She starts searching frantically. She
    easily dodges falling debris, sometimes with fancy flips. She's an extremely agile

    She gets to the kitchen where she finally finds her target. Under a broken table
    sits a young boy, no older than nine years old.

    I'm here now!

    She picks him up, and he holds tight.

    With the child in hand, she smashes through a window just as the home was


    As she hits the floor, she finally realizes that she is surrounded by Lewis' men.

    Give it up. You can't escape anymore!

    She hardly listened.

    She begins to run, flip and even dodge their bullets with the child still in her
    arms. She is a well trained woman.

    She manages to get around them and starts to sprint throughout the village running
    through flames and around homes in an attempt to shake off the soldiers.

    It doesn't work. Lewis' men were trained well and can easily keep up.

    She finally reaches a little path that leads up the cliff to the south path in the

    She sets the boy down. She has time for a few final words.


    The boy hesitates for a moment, not truly understanding what is going on around him.

    The woman slaps him and repeats again, but with more emphasis...


    The boy sprints up the cliff as the soldiers finally arrive.

    All the villagers have gotten away. It's only them remaining.

    It's over, you got nowhere to go...
    You are being arrested for the murder of Captain John E.
    Bellick. Do you know your rights?

    Cocky bastard. Thinks he already caught her. A smile creeps up on her face just as
    the soldiers rush in to take her.

    She runs to the cliff wall as she flips up and over the soldiers. The two on the
    left would get it first. Two swift kicks to their heads would knock them out.

    The two on the right don't know what's coming.

    She flips past the two in the middle to deliver the two soldiers on the right a
    flurry of punches to their armored protected kidneys finishing each with an upper

    The two in the middle quickly try to get shots in, but even with all their training,
    they can't manage to follow her swift movements and miss.

    One gets a powerful kick to the crouch followed with the other leg as it delivers a
    swift kick to the head. The last one gets distracted, only for a second, as his
    friend flies past him into the cliff. He turns to face her...

    But it's too late as she has already delivered a crushing body check to his torso.
    He stumbles back and tries to raise his gun...

    But before he could get the shot off, the woman delivers a powerful double palm hit
    to his already crippled torso, sending him to land on top of his knocked out friend.

    Now only three left. She turns to face them as...

    A GUNSHOT is heard. The woman freezes for an instant and lifts her hand to feel a
    tranquilizer dart stuck in the side of her leg. Young Lewis stands a few yards away
    with his gun raised, the two remaining soldiers stand behind him.

    I'll just assume you know them.

    CUT TO:


    The little boy, Kage-Maru, stands on top of the cliff, watching below as his mother
    is dragged away by soldiers.

    He sprints down below in an attempt to save her.


    The Commander and Lewis are locked in a conversation.

    Congratulations, Lewis. You'll go far if you continue this

    Sir, thank you sir!

    We see Kage run up to try to get to his mother. However, a soldier quickly halts his
    attempt with one swift punch to the stomach.

    Kage collapses in pain. In gasping breathes, he's able to get out a few words.


    His mother doesn't respond. Kage gets up again and the soldier punches him, and
    again he collapses.

    The Commander and Lewis watch intently.


    He gets up again. The Commander walks up to Kage.

    Move aside soldier.

    The Commander moves the soldier out of the way and punches Kage in the face.

    Kage refuses to go down.

    This back and forth between Kage and the Commander occurs a few more times before
    Kage is just standing there taking several punches to the face by the Commander.

    Sir...he's just a child.

    He seems to enjoy it soldier!

    Kage's face has gone numb, he's simply staring at his mother being held captive by
    soldiers. But his body can't hold out. The Commander finally quits using Kage as his
    punching bag and walks away. Kage passes out and falls.

    He lies battered, bruised and bleeding.

    Leave him for dead.

    The soldiers walk off carrying the past out woman. Young Lewis walks up to Kage. He
    looks worried for Kage. It was hard to watch that.

    I'll protect her. I promise you that.

    Young Lewis walks off.



    It's now morning. The beautiful sun ushers in a soft wind. Kage is seen dragging
    himself to a barrel of water. Luckily, it was tipped over and he's able to drink
    from it without the need to get up.

    He comes across a burnt bandanna next to the barrel. The blood around his face has
    dried up, but there is evidence of deep cuts across the bottom of his face. They'll
    most definitely leave hideous scars.

    He wraps the bandanna around his face covering his mouth and the main bulk of the

    He stares into the baby blue sky as his mother's voice runs through his head...


    The sounds of the nearby forest and the soft wind become muted by the increasingly
    loud ALARM as we...

    CUT TO:


    A mysterious man dressed in ninja clothing is now running away from something. The
    alarms are accompanied by his rapid breathing. We can see his face clearly as he
    does flips and somersaults though the pipes on the open ceiling as soldiers run
    furiously beneath trying to keep up.

    His face is covered by a mask. But his eyes give it away, this is Kage-Maru which is
    now confirmed by Colonel Lewis...

    (over intercom)
    Kage, give it up. There's nowhere to run this time.

    Kage believes otherwise as he presses a button on a remote to set the bomb off, the
    one he recently planted.

    A HUGE EXPLOSION is heard as large debris flies past Kage and he jumps through a
    large gaping hole in the wall of the factory.


    Kage is seen leaping from the building in a classic ninja pose as we FREEZE with
    kage in mid-air.

    "Today" appears on screen.

    We resume with a HUGE explosion of the entire factory as Kage falls and lands on a
    conveniently placed futuristic motorcycle and takes off with unbelievable speed.
    Nearby workers are stunned at the incident.

    CUT TO:


    As we see Colonel Lewis leaning over the control board, the mike for the intercom
    still held up near his mouth. An operator with large headphones turns to him. Large
    red letters appear on a nearby computer screen "LOST CONTACT"...

    Sorry sir. He did it again.

    Damn it! The third time this month.

    The Colonel turns to speak to the entire room of soldiers, operators and even
    scientists. Somewhere among them is Wu Chan messaging his fingers; the pain has
    gotten worse lately.

    There's only a month left till the tournament, stop fucking
    up and catch the bastard!

    The Colonel begins to leave the room. Once he gets behind everyone and just before
    he gets to the door, a hand stops him.

    It belongs to Wu.

    This is your mess, fix it!

    The Colonel nods and heads out.



    The island located near the J6 corporation main office building that we were
    introduced to earlier. All testing has currently stopped to coincide for the
    tournament. A hover boat goes from the ocean straight on to the beach as "One Month
    Later" appears on screen.

    "The Tournament Begins" follows after.

    The boat finally comes to a stop letting out a bunch of passengers. Among them is
    Akira Yuki, brother to Akio Yuki. He's come to fulfill his brother's dying wish, to
    get revenge for him.

    He's a mid-size man, average in height. Nothing really special about him, other than
    the striking similarity between him and his brother. Except, Akira is much more
    muscular and determined looking.

    There is a dock present a little further down the beach with a bunch of spectators
    traversing the little bridge.

    On the other side of the boat is Sarah. She looks much more hardened than when we
    last saw her. She has quite a bit more experience and even more muscle, but she is
    still as beautiful as ever. She catches a glimpse of Akira and her heart skips a
    beat. She stares at him for a while.

    She gets brought back down to reality as CHEERS are heard form the dock. She now
    sports a "oh great, not again" look.


    We can see the island beach far away. We can't hear the cheers of the crowd anymore
    due to the sound of a plane engine, although, from this distance, we probably
    wouldn't hear them anyway.

    The plane flies right by us, swooping down towards the beach. Suddenly, the plane
    hatch lets loose a NASCAR car, a high end, futuristic racer. It soars towards the
    beach and we follow right behind it while the plane continues onwards.

    With BLINDING speed, we rush towards the beach and it feels as though will crash for
    sure. In mid-air, the engine of the car tries to start up...

    It doesn't.

    Ah shit. Come on! Come on!

    He tries again, and again it fails to start. We're edging it ever closer to the
    beach, our future grave.

    One more time. Once more...everything else has become MUTED as we listen for the
    roar of the engine...

    And it starts with a powerful JOLT just as we were about to hit the ground.

    We cut to a view of the peaceful beach. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the car smashes
    into the beach kicking up a huge cloud of sand...

    But no, it didn't crash. The huge cloud of sand were just from the tiny rockets
    underneath the car (official NASCAR accident "counters"). Out of the cloud of smoke
    comes the roaring racer with blinding speed leaving a trail of sand cloud behind.

    He comes speeding towards us. The hilly beach sends him into a ditch and we lose
    sight of him for an instant. When he emerges, he's FLYING off of the hill with the
    help of the official NASCAR accident "counters".

    He races straight past us as we turn to see where he was headed. The dock to meet
    his adoring fans!


    We can see the crowd cheering more wildly than ever. The racer comes to a screeching
    halt in between the dock and the ocean (where the J6 main office floats above)
    kicking up yet another cloud of sand.

    The doors to the car open. Silence spreads among the crowd. A racer with his helmet
    still on emerges. His racing jacket sports a set of Angel wings on the back. He
    reaches his hand back into the racer to pull out a gold NASCAR championship trophy.
    The crowd erupts into cheers yet again.

    He pull the helmet off to reveal a young man's face with blonde hair. A strange
    resemblance to Sarah no doubt.

    The crowd rushes over to greet him.

    Jacky, I'm your biggest fan!

    KID 2
    Jacky, Jacky, you're my hero!

    Hey Jacky boy, if you ever get bored, room 109 at the
    Seaside Hotel. Me and my friend would keep you company.

    The hot lady pulls her friend from the crowd, revealing another hot young lady.

    Jacky gets a sly smile over his face. He'll be having some fun later tonight. Room
    109, got to remember that one.

    We can now see Sarah walking up to the dock, her bags in hand. She hasn't looked his
    way yet.

    Jacky jumps onto the beach and sprints for in Sarah's direction. On his way, a
    reporter sprints next to him.

    Mr. Bryant, how's it feel to be the new NASCAR champion for
    the sixth time in a row?

    (while running)
    Feels good Ken. Feels real good. But come on,
    (turns to the reporter)
    did anyone really have any doubts I wouldn't win?

    (feeling sorry)
    Sorry I doubted you Jacky. Now let me ask you, why enter
    the tournament?

    I was bored Ken. Needed something to do this weekend.

    The reporter stops running and turns to the cameraman. Jacky continues.

    There you have it folks. He was bored.


    We then catch up with Jacky as he finally gets to Sarah as she's walking up the
    steps. Back at the car, the hot lady sees who Jacky was running to.


    We go back to Jacky and Sarah.

    Hey, sis, sorry for what happened. I know it must be har-

    Jacky couldn't finish his sentence as Sarah had already planted a smooth kick to his
    face. She continues walking up. The crowd has gone silent.

    You don't know the half of it.

    She stops at the top of the stairs.

    Cocky jackass, could've got yourself killed.

    Jacky starts to laugh.

    Hey, you know me, I'm America's badass!

    He turns to the crowd.

    She likes me!

    The crowd starts to laugh.

    That's it. /versus/images/graemlins/laugh.gif Tell me what you think. Remember, it's my first attempt at actually writing a script, so go easy on me. /versus/images/graemlins/blush.gif
  2. Sebo

    Sebo Well-Known Member Content Manager Taka Content Manager Jeffry

    *some random place*

    Me Jeffry, you fight me?



    *Cut to a tent in a national park*

    That was great.

    I wish I could quit you.
  3. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    I'm one of those people who are usually the first to tell you that VF, or any fighting game, doesn't need a story.

    But, I just wanted to commend you on the effort and time you obviously put into writing that script, which I have to admit I enjoyed reading. There are some details that I may not have agreed with, like Sarah being a secretary, but that's OK, it's your work and I can accept that.

    Good stuff, and if you decide to write any more then I'll look forward to reading it.
  4. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Myke said:

    I'm one of those people who are usually the first to tell you that VF, or any fighting game, doesn't need a story.

    But, I just wanted to commend you on the effort and time you obviously put into writing that script, which I have to admit I enjoyed reading. There are some details that I may not have agreed with, like Sarah being a secretary, but that's OK, it's your work and I can accept that.

    Good stuff, and if you decide to write any more then I'll look forward to reading it.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Thanks. I haven't really put that much effort in...yet.

    I'm just doing this more for practice and it's also a good waste of time.

    For Sarah, I wanted to put her in J6 to somehow get aquainted with Akio. He (I want to say obviously) dies later, so that'll affect her. Maybe I'll switch her to an intern or something. I think that would fit her a little better. Also, I should imply (somewhere) that Akio is around her age (and not just some dirty old man).

    I also need to clean up some of that cheezyness (read: Sarah and Akio's conversations).

    If anyone's interested as to where I'll be taking the story:

    I'm planning on having J6 pull a FFVI Kefka (a little MGS "wow" factor). I'll also have Jeffry (with all the money he won) build a nice boat. Of course, with the world as it is, that boat will eventually be the characters only safe point.

    Sir...ummm...how the hell can you afford this?

    Didn't I tell you? I'm a damn good investor!

    Jeffry begins a big hearty laugh as we pull farther and farther away, and the boat still fills the screen. We eventually pull far enough to barely make out Jeffry still laughing as we realize his nice humble boat is in fact...


    Let's see that shark get away now!

    CUT TO:


    Something nice and cheezy like that. /versus/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

    But whatever, just playing with some ideas.
  5. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    I added to the script. I just give a little backstory on Dural, Lewis and I also introduced Kage. /versus/images/graemlins/cool.gif
  6. Condor

    Condor Well-Known Member

    Poppa, you definitely have a lot of times in your hands. well...i may have some ideas that you could consider elaborating on:

    -a romance between vannessa and akira/jacky/brad. Akira-Vanessa would definitely be cool. we have more than enough with the asian-white romances, how about a black-asian for a change. it would break the racial/sterotype barrier and will stand out from other game.

    -lei-fei was caught drinking wines and eating meats. how much more of a bad-ass monk can he be?

    -kage found out from J6 that he is actually "blackenese", with jeffrey as his biological father (im not sure if jeffrey is old enough to be kage's father).

    -shun finally found his student (if he hadn't already found him in the VF5 plot).
  7. _Denkai_

    _Denkai_ Well-Known Member

    Damn that aint no boat its a Frigging CARRIER!! man jeffery is rolling in the dough
  8. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Denkai_84 said:

    Damn that aint no boat its a Frigging CARRIER!! man jeffery is rolling in the dough

    [/ QUOTE ]

    He's a DAMN good investor! /versus/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
  9. Vortigar

    Vortigar Well-Known Member

    I've dabbled in fanfic before, but to take on the task of putting together a proper VF mythology never really crossed my mind.

    Just like in Tekken there will be a main storyline (around J6 of course) and a smattering of side stories about why some of the others entered the tournament. Sarah, Jacky, Vane, Goh, Kage and Dural are obviously involved in the J6 main story. What are you planning to do with the others?

    Depending on and pending your reply I'll be kicking some ideas around the brain.

    btw. The original idea was that the title Virtua Fighter stems from the fact that the tournament was held in Virtua City. Don't know if you consciously avoided that one, its so nineties its not funny.
  10. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    Vortigar said:

    What are you planning to do with the others?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Honestly, I wasn't going to introduce them all in the firts script. Scripts are generally ~100-110 pages. If I were to introduce all of them, I doubt I would have time to fully develop them.

    [ QUOTE ]
    Vortigar said:

    btw. The original idea was that the title Virtua Fighter stems from the fact that the tournament was held in Virtua City. Don't know if you consciously avoided that one, its so nineties its not funny.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I honestly had no idea.
  11. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    O.K. I added in an Akio death scene. Introduced Akira and Jacky /versus/images/graemlins/cool.gif and brought it all to the start of the tourney.

    Maybe Jacky's intro was a little too out there... /versus/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

    Hope you guys like it. Once I'm done, I'll go back and fix everything up (add more detail, make the dialogue smoother and less cheezy, fix any mistakes, etc...).

    If you're curious, it's a total of 24 pages right now. My goal is ~105.

    Although, I doubt I'll post all 105 pages here. I'll probably figure out another way to get the script to you guys.
  12. vanity

    vanity Well-Known Member

    Uhh... I'm with Myke, and I don't do fanfiction /versus/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  13. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    Expect a nice big update this weekend (maybe on thanksgiving day, Canadian Thanksgiving though).

    I'll fix up some of the dialogue and cut out a few parts, move some scenes around, add some scenes...

    I came up with a pretty sick story, so if you guys be patient, I'm sure you'll love the final product. Even if you don't like what I've written so far, just be patient, it'll all turn out good, trust me. /versus/images/graemlins/cool.gif
  14. Kikimaru

    Kikimaru Well-Known Member

    Love it Poppa /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif
    Have you considered putting it on one of the fan-fiction sites? (haven't used them myself tho...) Might be easier for write-ups, chapters etc.
  15. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    I've never really thought about fan fiction sites...

    I'll check some out.

    As for that update...yaaaa, not happening. At least, not this week. I did get around to adding a new scene (at the very beginning) with Akira meditating in front of his Dojo. He gets Akio's letter and I go from there.

    He also gets bitten by a spider to foreshadow the whole J6 thing.

    As well, I got rid of some cheezy lines, fixed up Akio's death scene (I wasn't too fond of some parts) and Jacky's intro (I made his intro a little more realistic /versus/images/graemlins/tongue.gif ).

    Later, I want to go and fix a lot things that are just bad as a script itself (e.g. EXT. SOUTH PATH should be EXT. SOUTH PATH-MIDNIGHT).

    And I also want to add more detail in the script itself just to describe things better and give you [the reader] a better picture of what's actually going on. I also want to move some scenes around and maybe shorten/lengthen a few things

    I was thinking about adding music in some parts. i.e. When you read the script, I could have one word become a link to a certain song that, when listening to and reading a scene, would give it more of that movie feel. It would also make it more interactive and interesting to you guys.

    Most of the songs will probably be stuff that I was listening to while writing that particular scene. /versus/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

    I have yet to decide whether I would try this, and if I did, it would only be for some action scenes and any sad parts.

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