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  1. akira2001

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    Still kind of new to VFDC and I am unfamiliar with some of the abbreviations. Can somone explain R-MTE and others that are similiar. Thanks to any replies.

    Akira 2001
  2. Hayai_JiJi

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    R-MTE is reversal-multiple throw escape
  3. nycat

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    Re: Abbreviations, Yup a that's right

    here is Yupa's post from Dec20th in the evil VF4 Option threadOK, how about "MTE" then for multi-throw escape? The whole point of this thread is that you can reverse 3 or more throws at any given time that you're expecting your opponent to throw you.

    R-MTE == attack reversal -- multi-throw escape

    E-MTE == evade(dodge) -- multi-throw escape

    A-MTE == attack -- multi-throw escape

    You can find a wealth of useful general Vf4 information and advanced tactics and excellent cursing in English too using the search icon here at VFDC.
    <font color=white>Happy New Year<>Gong Shay Fat Tie<.></font color=white> ...and check out the FAQ too. Unlike most FAQs this one is well thought out.
    BTW- Jang tells me Shinz does not play Akira anymore... ;(

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