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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Dec 3, 1999.

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    Hi. I'm back from hardcore gaming. I saw the video of the fight between Adam
    and Andy ( cool video BTW ) and as an Akira player, I wonder why Adam kept
    using a dodge sidekick ( d/f+K+E ) at the begining of the rounds. I think he
    used this move in all 5 rounds !!! Why ??? I always tough this move was


    Mad Akira
  2. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    The reason is because Andy loves to Korean Step, and so dodging as the round opens is likely. Adam wanted to embarrass Andy so he went for the d/f+K+E (the d/f+K+E will hit dodging opponents and in some cases, interrupt moves and counter). Also, one thing about Adam is that he is a rather stubborn guy, and he'll keep trying something until he gets it. So when he missed every d/f+K+E he's just even more determined to try it again and again.

    ice-9 | Sennin
  3. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    Well......there is no real reason why i use it. Its just that i usually play Andy soooo much that i just like to goof-off sometimes with rather seemingly ineffective moves (but really only against him though (^_^)...

    But that move does come in handy a lot (for me) when at the split-second moment i suspect the opponent of doing a dodge (not really having enough time to grab or crouch-dash into shoulder ram)...also the move is pretty awsome cause its INTERRUPT quality is great and when hit as a counter i can usually get a single punch followed by a super dashing elbow afterwards....

    But Ice is right when he states that i am a stubborn mo-fo...i will keep doing something until i hit somebody with it (although i try to be not as stubborn when playing seriously) !!

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