AI questions on import VF4 or US VF4

Discussion in 'Console' started by mushen, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. mushen

    mushen Well-Known Member

    For all you lucky bastards for the import VF4 and early copies of US VF4, can you give some of your impressions on the AI?

    What do u like about it?
    What don't u like about it?
    Do you think it's too cheap?
    Do you think it's too easy?
    Does it readjust to your style of playing?
    Does it just have one style of playing?
    Do you feel like your playing with different type of playing style even though it's the same AI?

    Let us know your opinions. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    The AI is fairly good, it basically does three things:

    1. Offensive patterns that are programmed in there by the people who made the game... for example lau's b+P, b+P,K. These are basic traps and baits that real humans would use, and some of it is just confusing, e.g. pai's whirly girly wushu stuff or the aoi sweep-YYstance-dodge-throw pattern.

    2. Basic counters and combos - EG if it blocks a throw counterable move, it often will throw counter. If it staggers you with an elbow, it will continue into a canned combo or throw. If it floats you with a knee, it has some simple and useful combos.

    3. Inhuman reflex tricks. It will dodge attacks on reflex if that's what it feels like doing. It will escape throws three or four times in a row even if you mix them up. It will avoid low punch --> throw and any attempt to followup a stagger if it's determined to win a round.

    The third part is the only thing I don't like. It's not so frustrating that it's 'cheap' but it's annoyingly 'computerish'.

    Also different players who are at different ranks should have alternate playing styles, e.g. one low rank jacky likes shot knees and high backfist and low kick to poke, one high level jacky might play with nothing but PETE and beat knuckle combos... etc. The AI plays each character the same way every time, the lower ranks just stand around more and poke less.

    One thing, it does adjust to some extent to your playing style, e.g. if you hit it with elbow-palm two or three times in a row it will dodge'n'throw the next attempt. However it will eat dumb stuff like vanessa's charging kick ---> low throw every single time (with the exception of another vanessa in MT stance, who always uppercuts).

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