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Discussion in 'Akira' started by Feck, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    This thread is meant for people who want to ask questions of any kind when it comes to Akira.

    Does your question not fit the criteria of any other thread? Whether it's a simple question or something more advanced then feel free to ask away here.
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  2. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf Content Manager Taka Silver Supporter

    glad the faq tread has been done. But my doubt was about the guard break ( [6][P]+[K]+[G]) on a side turned opponent that leaves akira at +17 but since Marly solved the question i made now i know that 3 frames are needed to block so hits up to 20 f exe are garanteed. This works for Lau also afaik.
  3. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    The extra +3 only applies to guarding as far as I know so 20f attacks aren't guaranteed. [3][K]+[G][P]+[K] is the best guaranteed option he has from guardbreak on sideturned.
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  4. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf Content Manager Taka Silver Supporter

    And what should people do to defend against a 18~20 f attack in that situation? Dodge? Attack? Tnx
  5. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Well, i'd never advise attacking in this situation. Akira gets a lot of guaranteed damage from [3][K]+[G][P]+[K] or [4][6][P], don't want to add an MC to the equation :p

    From memory, if your opponent (Akira) is going for a 17f - 18f (yoho/KNEE) mid launcher in this situation then you have to hold [2]+[G]. Crouching is instant vs attacks so it will mess up Akira's float and he won't be able to combo you properly.

    If he's attacking with anything slower than 20f then you can simply evade.

    I don't see why an Akira player would go for anything else other than [3][K]+[G][P]+[K] in this situation to be honest, it's guaranteed and he gets 80 - 100 damage from it so doing something like SPoD for 67 damage would be a waste.

    If you're opponent does like to mix it up after [6][P]+[K]+[G] on sideturned then you might as well hold [2]+[G] incase they attempt yoho or KNEE.
  6. Junsuina Chikara

    Junsuina Chikara Well-Known Member

    I have a question regarding Akira's sabaki. What attacks does it not work against? So far, I got it to work against P, 2P and a mid kick. Does it not work against just full circulars, shoulders and two handed attacks? Or does it work against against more moves than I listed above?
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  7. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Pretty sure it's unchanged from vanilla so, from the Vanilla Ver. C command list ...

    High Punch
    High Elbow
    Mid Punch
    Mid Elbow (pretty sure it didn't cover these?)
    High Kick
    Mid Knee
    High Knee

    I'll confirm if it's the same for FS.

    EDIT: LOL! I copied the notes for Teirou Kanpo [P][+][K] sabaki from Vanilla :eek:
  8. ZBEP

    ZBEP Well-Known Member

    What sabaki are you talking about here? o_O The only sabaki move he has in FS - [4][P][+][K][+][G] - catches only High kicks/punches/elbows and low kickspunches, and it remains unchanged since vanilla vf4.
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  9. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't sabaki elbows and low kicks.

    I know there's some random moves it can catch though. Like Vannesas' superman punch, Akiras' [1]+[P] and the second hit of Goh's [3]+[P],[P]. I'm pretty sure there's some other moves out there it can catch too, besides the normal high/low punches and high kicks.
  10. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Yah, pretty sure it doesn't sabaki low kicks and elbows.

    Definitely works versus...

    High Punches - so Akira [1][P] and second hit of Goh's [3][P][P] make sense.
    High Kicks - Wolf [1][K][+][G] etc.
    High Elbows - Brad [6][P][+][K] etc.
    Low punches - [2][P], Jacky [1][P], Goh [4][3][P] etc.

    I think that's it but i'll try to confirm if it works on anything else.
  11. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Well-Known Member

    Don't forget dat super man punch from Van. lol.

    Probably doesn't need mention, but since it's not an actual jab. Akiras' [4][6]+[P], and both of his high guard breaks can be sabaki'd if people seem to be taggin ya with those moves a lot and you can see em coming. I guess most any single handed high attack maybe.. But kinda weird it catches his [1]+[P] since that seems to be a 2 handed attack, cause he can't counter it, but he can sabaki it.
  12. Sofiane

    Sofiane Well-Known Member

    Ok, since there don't seem to be any info on specific match ups and certain things you can do against them, I'm asking if you guys have anything interesting?

    For example, having played quite a bit against Sarah recently, Akira can evade and do 3 [P][+][K] against Sarah's flamingo 6 [K] , delay [K] . It's the mid kick to mid circular from flamingo. This will hit side turned and give you +10.

    You can also ch them in between with evade, 3 [K] if you're fast enough. The 3 [P][+][K] seems to be more lenient option frame wise.

    Hoping any of you have some useful info about certain match ups, I've recently started playing again and would really like to level up my game more ;).
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  13. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf Content Manager Taka Silver Supporter

    I have a question about [6][P][4] follow ups.
    Every option is easy to dodge, also [P][P] and [K] can be whiff punished pretty bad (i can also go to the back after [P][P] if i time it correctly and get a garanteed throw from the back, even a BH if i want to).
    So seems like i'm missing something in the mixup. Is there any way to delay the attacks? can you throw your opponent after the back movement?
    Thanks for any tips.
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  14. Sofiane

    Sofiane Well-Known Member

    Like you said, every option can be stepped, they are slightly delay able but it doesn't seem to matter if you delay or not. Also Akira is able to throw after the back movement but he has to dash quickly and throw immediately. But this, as well as all the options he has out of the stance can be avoided by a back dash and a sidestep immediately afterwards. This is all based on if you blocked the initial 6P.

    If you sidestep the initial 6P and Akira goes to the backstep, you can punish him with an 18 frame launcher if you are fast. I usually do 4,6P or just p,k with Akira for an easy punish.

    Hope this helps.
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  15. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    I've not really played with the moves enough to give a detailed explanation, i've only really got use out of [6][P][4][P][+][K] and mix ups with just [6][P][4].

    [6][P][4][P][+][K] is a fast mid combo starter, even when [6][P] is blocked this will beat a lot of your opponents moves. They can interrupt with faster moves, like [2][P], [P] but that's when you can use [6][P][4] to set up whiff punishment, yoho after blocked [6][P][4] will whiff punish [2][P] outright for example.

    About all I do with the move to be honest, [6][P][4][P][P] and the hit throw don't seem to be worthwhile, I guess you should be able to use Akira's half circulars moves to punish people that like to evade after [6][P][4] is blocked but i'll have to play around to see if there's anything else worth mentioning.
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  16. mfwebdude

    mfwebdude Well-Known Member

    Nothing super amazing, just a few strange ones that I've seen playing online:

    vs Taka, Akira's simple dragon lance can cut through Taka's reversal stance (not sure what it's called). It looks kind of funny because the second hit gets stuck for a brief moment with a blue flash, but Akira powers through the fat anyway and finishes with the final hit. Not sure if this is guaranteed.

    EDIT: did a little testing, only happens if first hit misses. oops. looks like other multihit attacks do the same, not so intersting after all. oh well...

    vs Shun, if you block 66P+K (Touku Hitenhou), you can use 214P to pop Shun back up on his feet for a bound combo. Looks kinda strange. Not sure if it only works if Shun tries to move after getting blocked, but I've landed it a number of times.

    EDIT 2: ok, i'm a dumbass, this doesnt work either. should have tested. probably works when shun goes to laying down stance after and attacks with P. but i did find that if they go to lying down after 66P+K, 2P floats shun really high. 2P > 214P > 33P > K+GP connects, looks like some interesting combos are possible.
  17. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    DLC goes through both of Taka's "sabakies" (4P+K+G and hcfP) because it starts with kick. Those take only punches and elbows. Other than that DLC is a natural combo on Taka.
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  18. soke

    soke Well-Known Member

    Is there ever a situation to use [3] [P] instead of [6] [6] [P] ?
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  19. ZBEP

    ZBEP Well-Known Member

    Nope. Probably the only reason for that move to exist is if you attempt a beatdown on wakeup when your opp does a techroll, it will come out and hit him. Probably better than 2P, because it's mid and has longer range, but the framedata sucks with -2 on hit. And yes, it's for those who think [6][6][P] is too hard to execute, lol.

    Btw, there's no reason to do a simple elbow instead of super albow ( [6][6][6][P]) in FS. The only difference between them is that super elbow is 2 frames slower (15 frames, still great) and gives a combo on CH. There's no risk/reward between elbow and super elbow like in previous games, now, if you have enough advantage, there's no reason not to do [6][6][6][P], it's super fucking cheap elbow, just as it's named.
  20. MarlyJay

    MarlyJay Moderator - 9K'ing for justice. Staff Member Gold Supporter

    SDE is faaaar easier to evade by backdashing after blocked 2P. It shouldn't be, but it just is. I think the difference is because it's slower. It's also easier to go under (yes, under :) ) when using Lion and Eileen. Probably with other characters who have moves with really evasive moves too.
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