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    I know that this wouldn't work against a higher level opponent, so it is prolly worthless to you hardcore veterans, but I felt like sharing anyway. Akira's throw (f,b+P) causes the opponent to recover crouching right? So, if you did a DE, it would cause them to stagger, correct? And aren't throws guaranteed after a stagger (unless the opponent struggles)? What I'm getting at here is this: can't you just do the f,b+P+G throw, then immediately follow it with a DE, then dash in and do another f,b+P+G throw then do another DE, etc, etc,? It's just a thought. And when the opponent starts to catch on, then you can do a different throw after the DE, or perhaps even an SPOD. Since there is absolutey no competition where I live (I mean none!) I've only been able to test this on the DC cpu and I did it 3 or 4 times in a row, before the computer finally "caught on". Is this a legitimate technique, or just worthless rookie exploitation?
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    Completely legitimate! In fact, this is one of the main purpose of Akira's f,b+P+G. Aside from the stuff you listed, there is also one very helpful situation to use the f,b+P+G.

    If you have downward sloping angulation, after f,b+P+G go for a guaranteed SDE. This will float the opponent, and because of angulation, you can get a free DLC! As you can see, this throw can be very powerful.

    BTW, you also know about f,b+P+G -> b,f,f+P+K right? This is not a true combo but is a sequence that is very difficult to escape. Against opponents with really good defense, this is probably the follow up of choice as it takes off a sizeable chunk of damage--about 70-80 pts.

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    I've been playing for a week and I've found a legitimate strategy. That makes me feel good. Anyway, thanks for the f,b+P+G into b,f,f+P+K. I didn't know about that. How can it be escaped, just out of curiosity?
  4. kbcat

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    You have to struggle like an idiot so you can block the mountain, and it isn't an easy thing to do.

    Annoying Akira chain to get nailed with:


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    Re: struggling

    As for, Akira's f,b+PG throw, it does not matter how much you struggle. It depends on when you struggle.

    According to the Gamest's TB mook, if the opponent puts any button input precisely at the 21st(22nd?) frame after the execution of the throw, you will recover and can block Akira's follow-ups. In another words, pressing G (or P or K) once on the 21st frame will get you out of the trouble.

    This may sound easy but it's not. 21st frame comes around at the animation where Akira pulls victim's arms inward. This is actually before the completion of the throw. As a result, by the time you realize that you are thrown, you are too late.

    If you recover, you can block Akira's SDE and bodycheck, two of Akira's viable options. DE is guaranteed whether you recover or not. The only exception is Aoi; she can recover and blcok DE, as well as SDE and BC.
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    Re: struggling 2

    One thing I am trying to do, when I go up against Akira, is to do d/f+PG as a throw-escape command and mash on the buttons immediately. This way, I can escape Akira's d/f throws AND have better chance of recovering if f,b+PG throw comes.

    This option is recommended only so-so though, because mashing buttons has negative effects of moves coming out randomly. Perhaps I should just mash on P or G....

    Now come to think of it, mashing G will not produce many negative effects. I wonder if I made a mistake in the above post, stating that G will count as a "button input". Oh well, I'll check the book when I go home, I guess.
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    Re: struggling 2

    I thought you need both button and joystick motion input at the 21st fr (?)
  8. Llanfair

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    Re: struggling

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    As for, Akira's f,b+PG throw, it does not matter how much you struggle. It depends on when you struggle.


    Hmm...where in the mook is this written...like, on what page?

    In this case, as Kbcat put it, struggling like a bastard is your best option by far, I think. Just start mashing when you see Akira start pulling you in. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but it sure as hell beats trying to constantly option-select your gameplay.

    When you're constantly worrying about what your opponent is doing, you lose sight of what you're suppose to be doing yourself.


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    Re: more accurate post

    Now that I have a mook in hand, I can post something more accurate.

    The book states that if there is any direction OR button (any button) input at the 21st frame of f,b+PG, you can promptly recover to block the follow-ups.
    (Page 147)

    According to the Gamest, one tip in recovering is:
    "Once you learn the approximate timing of 21st frame, you won't have to do too much. Hold G, rotate your joystick 360 once, and tap P & K a few times"(194)

    Wow...being able to read Japanese help me learn sometimes....as this is my first time actually reading the book.
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    Re: more accurate post

    i see, i was having trouble reading that part, that "ga" make me think both should count, i guess it means "or" not "and" ^-^
  11. Myke

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    Re: the key to all struggling?

    Thanks for the translation Shota. You know, it's made me rethink my whole take on struggling out of stumble-trip type throws. Up until now I always thought that it was the amount of struggling that mattered, but I was never fully convinced this was the case because there'd be times I would struggle like there was no tomorrow only to produce mixed results -- sometimes I'd recover fast enough (and it was obvious in the speed up of the recovery animation), or it would seem to have no effect at all.

    Why was the same struggling effort not producing the same results? I guess the answer is that it's not how much you struggle, but when you struggle. If this is indeed true, then I'm glad because I hate unnecessary button mashing, and much rather work on my reflexes rather than mindless monkey-work.

    So has there been any "official" word on the mechanics of struggling out of stumble throws? And while we're at it, struggling out of knockdown-stun, staggers, etc?

  12. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    Re: struggling 3 on Wolf/Jeffry d+PG

    Note that Akira's f,b+PG is very special, such that a single command input will be enough to recover.

    OK...some comments on struggling after Wolf/Jeffry's d+PG. I've noticed that many people struggle like a mad man immediately after the pickup. The Gamest recommends otherwise. According to the book, you should struggle as Wolf/Jeff picks you up and pushes you forward. That's when you should struggle at all your might. Therefore, struggling throughout the d+PG animations is a waste of your effort, more or less.

    And if your struggle is good, you actually recover before Wolf/Jeffry, nullifying their chances of guessing games.

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