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Discussion in 'Akira' started by aznsoju007, May 14, 2002.

  1. aznsoju007

    aznsoju007 New Member

    a combo i've been having trouble connecting consistently is a m-shrm ~ m-shrm ~ m-shrm ~ followup (low kick, as3, etc). it seems that the third shrm connects only when the first shrm is a certain distance away. does anyone have any suggestions/advice for this?

    also, any suggestions for followups after the shoulder rams? i was lying up there. only the first part of as3 (d+K+G) connects for me. maybe i'm inputting commands too slow.

    and finally, does anyone else find that pressing d/f,d/f,p+k quickly does a m-shrm? because that's how i do all of my m-shrms. sometimes a lbf comes out, but almost always, it's the shrm.

  2. BMF

    BMF Well-Known Member

    I've never tried that combo yet but you probably can only do it on lightweights or with a major counter. By the way what is the max damage you got by doing it? If it's under 98 then you might as well do m-shrm~m-shrm~AS3~ground punch...that's probably more reliable but I think it only works on lightweights.

    As for the d/f,d/f+P+K you are probably rolling the stick a little for the forward to register when you do d/f,d/f. I do my m-dbpms in a similar way by doing d/b,d/b and rolling to b,f+P.

    Sorry for not being of much help.
  3. aznsoju007

    aznsoju007 New Member

    you're most likely right that it only works with lightweights. i know for sure it works on lion (heavy lightweight/light middleweight), but he's the only character i tried it on (i was playing around in free training). oh.. and it works on normal hit, doesnt need the MC. the max damage was only somewhere around 80, so i guess i'll use your combo =)

    i don't know about the "accidental" forward after the d/f,d/f though. i use a pad, not a stick (though i do wish i had a stick...), and i'm pretty sure i'm inputting the commands as d/f,d/f,P+K. thanx though, for your help =)
  4. Nutlog

    Nutlog Well-Known Member

    Um, if that was not with a major counter hit, then the third shoulder wasn't a guaranteed part of the combo anyway, but a ground hit that someone could roll out of the way of.
  5. BMF

    BMF Well-Known Member

    Also I forgot to mention that the damage (98) on the m-shrm~m-shrm~AS3~ground punch combo is if you get a major counter, and I think it will only connect with the major counter on lightweights only.

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