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    Please excuse my ignorance, but I was just the following as an e-mail, is it true?

    "No bullsh*t and no fish-tale. One of our ACPC members has discovered
    an instant death Akira combo!!! At first, we were skeptical...I mean,
    instant death??? It had better not be a TT attack --> run into the
    subway trick...but it wasn't. This is an authentic instant death
    combo, though the requirements are rather stringent. Rather than
    posting this combo up blindly, the ACPC took it upon themselves to
    thoroughly test out this combo for themselves to see if it
    worked...and it did, though admittedly only sometimes.

    Here is the original letter submitted by Alex Yeh, one of our newer
    ACPC members:

    "Hi, my name is Alex Yeh. I am an Akira player in Taiwan.... I think
    you may like this Akira's "wall" combo..... This combo can take away
    all the life, not kidding, ALL THE LIFE...... Here is the combo:
    reverse bodycheck (b, d/f+P+G), single standing palm (b,f+P), DLC.....
    Akira has to stand between wall and the opponent with a specific angle
    so that after reverse bodycheck, the opponent is right beside
    Akira.... If you make this combo come out, you will see the opponent
    is like to be stuck on the wall and hit by full DLC with max
    damage...... It's a really cool combo...... try, you will find
    out...... Alex"

    Thus, the combo is initiated by Akira's reverse bodycheck (b,d/f+P+G).
    Akira should initiate the reverse bodycheck when he is between the
    wall and the enemy at a roughly 45 degree angle so that Akira will end
    up directly behind the opponent's back with the opponent facing the
    wall. The standing palm (b,f+P) should be executed immediately
    (because the opponent is stuck between the wall and Akira, he cannot
    run away), and if done right, the opponent should kinda smack against
    the wall producing a quasi-float supported by the wall. At this point,
    DLC immediately and each hit should produce a similar effect, where
    the opponent bounces against the wall in slow motion and does not fall
    to the ground. Done right, all hits should hit at maximum damage.
    After the DLC, if the opponent is still alive, a ground punch
    afterwards (d/f+P) will usually connect afterwards. This combo will
    not work all the time, and sometimes doesn't take off all life.
    Obviously, nobody can do this combo perfectly so if you delay a hit by
    even a fraction (especially the crucial standing palm), the the combo
    will not hit at full power. Nevertheless, this is a damn powerful and
    cool combo and is guaranteed to take off at least 80% damage. It's by
    far the strongest combo in the game, and definitely one of the most
    difficult to execute due to the requirements of the combo. This combo
    in a Gamest Mook (probably in Act 3! ^^) would undoubtedly score five

    For all of you who still can't believe that a simple five hits can
    destroy the whole health bar, I humbly submit the following

    Reverse Bodycheck = b,d/f+P+G --> 40 damage points

    Standing Palm = b,f+P --> 20-65 damage points

    1st hit of DLC = d/f+K+G --> 19 damage points

    2nd hit of DLC = f+P --> 20 damage points

    3rd hit of DLC = b,f,f+P+K --> 20-80 damage points

    Ground punch = d/f+P --> 12 damage points

    Standard VS CPU life bar --> 200 points

    Standard VS Human life bar --> 250 points

    Thus, if everything hits at MAXIMUM, then the total damage would
    amount to 224 damage points...more than enough to wipe out the CPU's
    life in a single combo. And against a human, the almost guaranteed
    ground punch will add on another 12 damage points resulting in 236
    damage points total...which is really, practically an instant death

    Gamers, you heard it here first, the ACPC Gaming Page. No doubt
    shortly after the posting of this combo here on this website this info
    will rapidly proliferate to every nook and cranny on the Net. Some
    people will claim this combo as their own. But true gamers know
    better. This combo is an ACPC combo!!! And hence, if you use this
    combo or post it up elsewhere, we would damn appreciate it if you
    could give us the proper credit.

    We are the new generation of Virtua Fighter, and nothing can stop us.

    - The Anti-Chicken Players' Committee

    Special kudos goes to Alex Yeh, the founder of this combo. Welcome to
    the ACPC Alex. We kick butt!!!"
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    Guest Guest

    That little bit of info has been known for almost three years now. Yawn.
    On a side note, will this even do 200 in tb now that the bodycheck only does 30?
  3. Nutlog

    Nutlog Well-Known Member

    No, it isn't instant death anymore. If you can nail it all it does about 160 these days, though proper spacing on the RBC to the standing palm is a really difficult. You'll usually only get about 30-40 points out of it instead of 65.

    Other nice wall combos: (All are pretty rare, but look pretty anyway and hurt like hell)

    Two starters (RBC, SDE, Yoho -- easier) or (Stumble Throw, SJK, SJK, DJK -- very difficult, spacing must be absolutely precise) followed by:

    P(G), d+P, DblPlm (easy follow)
    DLC (easy follow)
    d+P, SglPlm, BodyCheck (difficult follow) (RBC starter only)
    BodyCheck x 2 (extremely difficult follow) (RBC starter only)

    RBC must be done while parallel to the wall, lead foot closest to the wall (Akira's back facing the wall)
    Stumble must be done about 2 running steps from the wall in distance, nearly perpendicular to the wall. The first hit of the DJK will actually carry them into the wall, the second will lift them up the wall slightly higher and turn them around (face into the wall)

    Have fun and remember that the best combos are just like smokes...you roll your own.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks alot for the reply
  5. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! *wipes tear* Boy does this old article bring back some fond memories...I was so young then as Jeff-Maru...and so...uh...BRASH...

    ice-9 | Sennin
  6. Guest

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    ::BWHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! *wipes tear* Boy does this old article bring back some fond memories...I was so young then as Jeff-Maru...and so...uh...BRASH...::
    Not much has changed.
  7. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Yeah... I remember the days when we played with Neogamer, Ting.... *sniff sniff*... those good old days.... I also remember that you really hated Jacky too. /images/icons/laugh.gif

    Fun days... good days.... gone days. /images/icons/frown.gif Sigh....

  8. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member


    Everyone gets a little bit flaired from time to time.

    Just as you appear to be now.

    ice-9 | Sennin
  9. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Heheheheh!!! Boy were Jacky's double low kicks tough in OB...

    ice-9 | Sennin
  10. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    .I was so young then as Jeff-Maru


    Jeff, how old are you now anyway? Like, 21? ;)

    Y'know, 2 years ago was not that long ago - give yourself some credit for still being a kid! ;)


    <font color=white> Llanfair the prized <font color=green>cabbage</font color=green></font color=white>
  11. Nutlog

    Nutlog Well-Known Member

    Try younger than that Llan...I think he's still 19. We were laughing about that at lunch when everyone came to Omaha, cause Jeff was making a mock showing of outrage that he couldn't drink. At least, I think it was a mock showing. :p
  12. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Heh heh...it's outrageous...considering that the drinking age in most of Asia is 18 years of age. Llanfair, I was young not necessarily in age then, but in terms of playing ability. VF3 is really the first game I became "hardcore" about...I mean, I played a lot of SF and KOF, but I never really attempted to master them the way I am attempting to master VF3.

    ice-9 | Sennin

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