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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Howe, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. Howe

    Howe Member

    I've seen Akira's D,f+P hit the opponent and caused a 'backside' crumble. Can i know in what situation does this happens?

    Can anyone teach me to defeat Dural? Is her DBC followed by Kage's b,b+K+G blockable?
  2. Howe

    Howe Member

    (Funny animation) In Lei Fei's stage, Akira broke the wall and Ring out Lei Fei (cpu). Akira u+P and joined Lei Fei down the 'Mountain'. Anyone tried and seen this? Hahaha!!!

    Jeffrey's u+K+G (Backside drop) oso very hilarious... Seeing Jeffrey Backside down the 'Mountain'...going after Lei Fei with his Backside.... I think Lei Fei died at the bottom of the 'Valley' with THOUSAND over Kgs of Jeffrey's 'Ass'!!! (How many Points of Damage is This?)

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