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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Llanfair, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Z'. Yo.

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

    All you've done is come and spam the shit out if the board with redundant posts. Read. The. Rules. Don't. Spam.


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    <font color=orange>Booyah daddy mac! I'm stylin!</font color=orange>
  2. Drunken_Master

    Drunken_Master Well-Known Member

    arent you spaming as well?n/t


    'Strong body but a weak mind' Sam Seed from Drunken Masters
  3. Akira Yukii

    Akira Yukii Active Member

    "spam" yes?
    Well. Had you have been smart and had a look at my comment in the general
    board, you may have regretted saying such VULGUR posts in the midst of the virtua fighter message board. Your post had nothing to do with VF. Man. Save it for the general comments section.

    Spamming? Hell. No.
    I'm merely trying to get some things on this board for people to reply to. I'm keeping down for a while, so get out of my hair. Don't go and get your panties in a bunch.

    Peace Out.

    "In fighting games, it's always better to fight defensively. This allows taking advantage of jump ins with a nice fulfilling uppercut special."
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Eh.. I'm a bit taken aback by how inflammatory the responses to your seemingly innocuous posts have become. You don't strike me as troll, but really it'd be nice if you could increase your signal to noise ratio... as in maybe consolidating your ideas into single posts rather then spreading the content a bit thin across ten like you've been doing. That's annoying in that kind of jerky nice guy way that the late comedian John Candy excelled at portraying.

    Thank you.

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