Am i too late?

Discussion in 'New Starter' started by Poise, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Poise

    Poise Member

    I finally have some time set up, in the midst of getting everything i was planning for to become more self sufficient in my personal life, i have time to learn this game and play on a more serious level. But why? Only because this is personal, i love deep fighting games. A new game might come along at some point, as of now nobody knows. Regardless of the future, i want to get good at this game in the now, for my own entertainment. Am i too late? Can i reach the feeling of accomplishment playing and finally breaking through the wall of understanding in this game? I often found that feeling playing with others at my level, but it seems like in this game i just have to play against vets who are still around to get any good.

    I played a bit in this game before tekken 7 came out( my original fighter game), under a different GT:The Poise Demon, so shout out to those i played with back then, Jason Elbow AKT and STL_Tim in the list of those along with a few kage players i can't really recall. I was getting alright at the game but then jumped into tekken just to be dissapointed with the most user friendly fighting game in the tekken series, i had to leave.

    Now i am back here looking for help, help in understanding, and help in finding that great feeling of self-expression when you finally live the fundamentals you've been only reading about. We learn the most through experience, and im not finding that right now playing against the cpu....Can i get some help? Any noob reading this and feeling the same dont hesitate to hmu, we can make something happen!!!

    Thanks for being such a welcoming community overall, looking forward to responses from noobs and vets alike:coffee:[DP]
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  2. Poise

    Poise Member

    P.S i hope even mentioning these two players in the same post doesn't bring an unnecessary amount of pride or ego, this is for those willing to help save a true fighting gamer's opinion on a great game. The lack of community makes it unplayable in 2018 except for in small bits imo

    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    Hey what is up man and welcome to vfdc. We played for a bit on xbl a couple of days ago. My name is WhiteFangViking on there. You are not late because you can start anytime. Yea not as much vets play online anymore but you can still find people to dance with. I do not not really play as often either especially online but I do get on sometimes. This site is what you need to improve and find people to play. Just explore, ask questions and most will help you out. It will take time but you will start getting better if you continue doing it. Like with everything else. So welcome again and have fun.
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  4. Poise

    Poise Member

    it was you i recently played against and you told me to come here! my GT is ThreeOGod
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  5. Ares-olimpico

    Ares-olimpico Well-Known Member Content Manager Lion

    Never too late to start this beatiful hard and rewarding way that is VF.
    I am a mid level VFer, for now only have psn acount.
    I'll help you in all i can playing if you need and with your questions.
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  6. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer"

    Best place i to hop on VF arena's weekly streams and play whoever shows up there. Most importantly, watch your sets afterward and analyze your mistakes and choices and try to close gaps in your gameplay. Watching your own sets is like the hyperbolic timer chamber of gitgud in fgc.
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  7. Poise

    Poise Member

    Thanks guys, ive already learned a bunch in the past 2 days staying dedicated, as much as i can around a busy schedule and a child on the way lol. I might be busy tonight tho for vf arena but hopefully plans drop so i can play! At the least, i can watch lol
  8. Aze_ITA

    Aze_ITA Member

    Just to keep this conversation alive, I'm here for the same reason as Poise. I got some time and a passion for fighting games, and being very disappointed in Tekken 7, I think that it's time to look for something more deep and rewarding, without thinking if it’s late or not. It’s just fantastic to get into something, and slowly discover how it works. So, i’m going to add you soon for some games together if you’re still there. I’m totally noob right now, trying to correct my mind from some odd tekkenish fundamentals I got, that I’m realizing that don’t work here. Pokes, dashing, launchers.. it’s hard to reinvent a mental fighting setup. But you seem ready to have a lot of patience with everybody!
  9. oneida

    oneida Long Arm of the Lau Staff Member Silver Supporter Media Manager

    have fun and don't shy away from asking any questions.

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