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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Akebono, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. Akebono

    Akebono Well-Known Member


    I think its time america found out who the best of the best is. In VF, like in Football(soccer), america is viewed as the worse players in the world. But like in football America is showing up to be better than others thought. Its time for VF to follow lead. Now im not saying we all should fly to japan. What im saying is why dont we all colaborate, each city thats know for VF or has a good VF scene have a vote of some sort, or a tournament or how ever you want, to vote for one Tetsujin in there area. I know that most of us have speculation or know who the best in there area is, but I say we make it public. We let the rest of the nation know who the best is in each region like they do in japan. I mean, think about it, whos the NY tetsujin Adam Yuki? Hiro? How about SoCal Feixaq or Sega Duck Chicago Shota!!, or in FLorida IMF or Blonde_One, Who is the best, We need to find out. This may sound like a lot but it isnt. All we have to do is start a thread and each city just posts who there tetsujin is. Maybe VFDC can put a special section profiling the best in the nation.

    NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE US CREDIT, I SAY WE GIVE OUR SELVES CREDIT. its the american way. Who else in the world has a world series that no one but us plays in lol.
  2. imf

    imf Well-Known Member

    VF in America is boring. There's a big gathering once or twice a year and that's about it. If you're lucky then you have a following in your area and get together semi-regularly, but it doesn't seem to me like enough people play for anyone to really care. Maybe you should play another game if you want enthusiasm about tournaments and rankings. Nobody plays this game here. /versus/images/icons/confused.gif

    Just like Soccer. Who watches MLS?
  3. stompoutloud

    stompoutloud Well-Known Member

    mls? damn, is that league still on? I did used to watch indoor soccer on sunshine network. Now that was some high scoring stuff. But I vote for the Florida Tetsujin to be IMF.
  4. MrWhite

    MrWhite Well-Known Member

    Jason in Montreal I'd think ( he's nasty as hell with Akira. Even more dangerous is the wealth of info he came back with from Asia ). Though thats if I dont take Wolf /versus/images/icons/smile.gif... get my white on /versus/images/icons/wink.gif.
  5. Akebono

    Akebono Well-Known Member

    In Florida, I would have to say IMF. But BLonde one in close second. But i think IMF can take blonde one more often. But its very close.

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