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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Myke, Oct 9, 2000.

  1. Myke

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  2. Llanfair

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    The killer Bean 2 is hilarious and so very well done. GE, you gotta see this one (chances are you already have ;)


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  3. clopin

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  4. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    ugh. i hated that. i'd rather watch the original scenes rom the original movies from which KB2 ripped them off, practically frame-for-frame (hard boiled, full contact, the killer, and so on).

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  5. Guest

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    You know, that was an impressive show of 3d art work, for one guy! It was simply amazing I saw this a while back and have it on my computer, its very very good. For everyone thats tried to be a John Woo/Matrix rip off, how many succeed? This guy does it all with a coffee bean and no holloywood budget. The thing looks as if a team of people put it together. It keeps you going, very well coreographed. If you think about it a person still has to think of the cut scenes, slow motion etc.. thats takes skill to coreograph between one character on the camera and the other.
  6. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    ogh..jesus. never-fucking-mind. all i can say is that i'd rather smash my genitals with a hammer than be cursed with your sense of taste...

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  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My sense of taste is shared by the millions and millions of people around the globe racking up tons for the movies that get out there. Instead of looking at Jeff Lew as the next big thing, you look at him as a rip off. I mean seriously, what kind of attitude is that? Everyone has role models at one point. If he took his role models from John Woo, and the Matrix so what? He'll develop his own style. Heck Matrix was a rip off of Hong Kong Movies, HK movies were a rip off of chinese opera, and John Woo gimme a break been there done that, since 1970, what did he add? Pigeons to all his movies, and a double set of flying guns. Point is Jeff is talent. His movies are good. Calling him a rip off is just negativism.
  8. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    >My sense of taste is shared by the millions and millions of people around the globe

    something that is truly unfortunate for those of us who can think and decide what we like on our own.

    >Calling him a rip off is just negativism.

    no. it's reality, moron. there is not one smidge of originality or innovation in kb2. not one bit.

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  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As unfortunate as it is, I share the opinion of the mass good point....its like...I have common sense, like everyone else in the world, do you? Obviously not. And tell me when KB2 Break dances what movie is that from, and then when it slows to a standing hand shot from the breakdance, what movie is that from? finally the cut scene to the back of the shot bean where you see kb lying down, what movie is that from. He had a ton of originality and the ability to make people laugh. Unfortunately you must also think the rest of us who LIKED this film have no taste.....hmmm I smell negativism here...who let the skunk in?
  10. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    >hmmm I smell negativism here...

    i smell stupidity. emanating from you. and it's a far worse stench than negativism ever will be.

    i think most of us learned back in our single digits that the number of people who admire an item is not necessarily related to the actual quality of the item.

    and some take longer to understand that if something is admired my many - that should not count as a reason toward amiring something, in and of itself. you obviously have not realized this, and that's pathetic.

    your justification for liking, your validation of kb2 is a spit in the eye of any filmaker (or any artist, for that matter) - in any medium - who strives what should be strived for: originality, creativity, innovation, individuality.

    go rent a kurosawa movie or two, get an eye for real "art", and piss the fuck off, teenybopper.

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  11. Guest

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    Now let me ask something how are you gonna learn something without having a precedent set. Most of our single digits came from VF2 backgrounds...and one thing, how do you think teeny boppers become teenyboppers? By acident? They define an industry, they make the world turn. They churn out the massive horders of Lucasarts film fans, they make the MATRIX one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. It took skill to make KB2, dont think so? try oh try to make something even 1 billionth the quality of that. You know try doing something first to appreciate the quality of it. Why do I think kb2 is good? simply, I know a thing or two about animation, and it takes months of planning to do what he did, and lots of synching effort, lighting, modeling, shadows, texture mapping everything. Look at the detail of the work and you appreciate the time spent. Its good stuff, and its in the genre of 3d animation. Maybe id he did it with real people I could see your argument a little clearer but oh boy what he did was simply amazing, rivaling the quiliaty of studios. I would not be surprised if this guy was a major part of a film that defined a new genre.
  12. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

  13. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Taka has dumped the big one... (referring to verstapp.mpg)
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have no clue, and I dont think watching over and over is helpful. Why dont you explain.

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