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    <font color=orange>Welcome to the Media Board</font color=orange>

    Please post to this board when informing of new movies, or other VF related media available for download. The top 7 posts will always be displayed on the front page of this site, so this board will be moderated with tighter control. If things get out of hand, then I will nominate another moderator and resort to post approval for the board.

    The following points should be adhered to when posting in this board:

    <ul>[*] New threads must report new media (movies, audio, wallpapers, etc)
    [*] Use short and simple Subject headings.
    [*] Duplicate posts (those reporting the same media) will be deleted.
    [*] Any new threads requesting media will be deleted.
    [*] Replying to threads to engage in discussion is allowed.


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