Any ideas about Lei-Fei?

Discussion in 'Lei' started by Fireball, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Fireball

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    I'm new to VF4 as of buying the ps2 version and I had a few questions about Lei Fei (my chosen main).
    First, any ideas on good combos that I should know about? (preferably combos that have a staggered rhythm, ie: confusing to the opponent who may be watching it). Ive been relying mostly on my b+k,p followed by a rapid punching air juggle and a pppkpk combo. but i figure that once others get the rhythm of these down, ill need something to fall back on.
    Second, other than his autoreversal (mid/hi p) stance, what are some ways to use lei's counters/reversals effectively?
    Third, are there any ways that I can more effectively use low kick attacks with him? Ive found that I can follow up some combos with sweeps but that after the combo i have a major frame delay into the sweep. any thoughts?
    thx for any info.
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