Any tips for Fighting Vipers 2?

Discussion in 'General' started by beanboy, Apr 14, 2019.

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    So I played Fighting Vipers 2 again, the other day on reicast emulator
    for android. And the game is really fun.

    But unfortunately, it's difficult to get attacks, with a diagonal command
    in it, on the touch Dpad. Eg. df+p, uf+P etc.
    Unless I take my two fingers and press two directions.
    Eg. Up+F to get a forward jump etc. Which is hard sometimes.

    And sadly, the touch analog stick, seems to be disabled, for that game
    and VF3tb. But despite that, I'm still having fun in training mode.

    So any tips, for a Fighting Vipers newbie, like myself?
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  2. Just play it like you play VF, with a few exceptions . PK punish most things , when they do the attack absorbing counter attack move, just throw them. They flash when that move is activated, its a dead giveaway. If you are playing against the computer, its pretty limited, even at the hardest difficulty. Just alternate between throw, PK , armor breaking absorb attacks and you will blow through the whole game.

    The only interesting wrinkle is you can only 3D Offensive move after initiating an attack absorbing move. So you hit 4P+K+G, then tap up or down to Offensive move rather than an attack button. Good luck pulling that off with a touch screen. Like anything else, the game is ten times more fun playing against a human opponent. If you want to give yourself a challenge, there is a special boss named "Kuhn" that only comes out if you beat the entire Arcade mode without losing a match. He kind of looks like a low-budget Dural.
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  3. This is Kuhn. He looks like a cross between a Roswell alien and Dural. He isn't playable at all, but the other Bonus boss, Delsol, is playable. You get to Delsol by beating arcade mode in a short time frame.

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  4. beanboy

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    Thanks for all of that info.

    Concerning the P+K+G command, I think you can assign, all 3 buttons as a single button, to the L or R triggers. The same with throws. That will make things easier for me.

    I'm definitely going to check that move out.

    Wait, is that the evade, sidestep move thing?
    If so, I think I remember seeing, Max and the doods from yovideogames,
    demonstrate that, or an evade attack move, when he and the doods, were
    playing Fighting Vipers 2.
    Speaking of moves, I gotta find a moveslist and write down moves,
    for some of the characters. I'm going to do that now.

    Wow! I just looked at the pic you posted. That Kuhn boss, looks like an
    ugly butt, scary version of Dural. And he kinda looks, like a Dragon Ball Z
    boss character too.:eek:
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