anyone know any guides for Aoi?

Discussion in 'Aoi' started by VFMauiAoi, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. VFMauiAoi

    VFMauiAoi New Member

    today, (my 2nd day) i decided to try out aoi, and i was amazed how much fun i was having with her! i just need some kind of guide to help me out! anybody know of one?(other than THE strategy guide)
  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    holy crap, they have VF on maui... I'll be visiting there like around christmas. I'll show you all the aoi stuff I know.

    Nobody's made an aoi faq... so far we've just got a kage faq for VF4, and that's a shame. But here's some quick stuff to get you started:

    F+P+K --> P is a very useful combo. If the first part interrupts the opponent's attack, the second will hit and knock them down. If the opponent is crouching when f+P+K hits, the second part is also guaranteed. I think the combo even works if you hit the opponent right after they whiff an attack. The only time it doesn't work is if they're just standing there and get hit by f+P+K... they can then block the second hit.

    Vs. the computer (I'm guessing you're playing PS2) this series isn't useful, but vs. humans it can work. Mix up PPPK (after the three punches, the K will hit if the opponent blocks low or tries to attack)
    PPPd+K (the d+K hits if the opponent blocks high and tried to attack or dodge.)

    It's a scrubby guessing game, but don't let that stop you from using it if you can keep outsmarting the opponent.

    -For float combos, use f+K or d/f+P... and you can try following up with either PPPd+K (works best on fairly high floats) or f+K,K (works great on low floats).

    -sweep -d+K+G- knocks them down, f+K,K can scrape them off the floor.
    -b,b+P+K -if this hits, they collapse facedown. f+K,K will hit every time, and so will some other moves.
    -b,d/f+P -if the opponent is just standing there, this doesn't do anything, but 90% of the time if you land this on the opponent, you did it while they were trying an attack/throw/reversal. Then this move causes that nice crumple animation, and again you can try for a combo such as f+K,K.

    Throws: Aoi's got a bunch, but her good ones are the 270 throw (go through her command training to learn how to do it correctly) and the from-crouch-only throw (crouch, then f+P+G). A trick many aoi's use is to crouch dash up close to the enemy using d/f, d/f (hold the second d/f).... then press f+P+G when you're close for the aiki throw. Once they hit the floor, immediately enter d/f+P+G for a guaranteed ground throw. Total damage is pretty good, over 1/4th of their life.
    You can learn the multithrow for fun, but most smart opponents escape it.

    Good luck, there's more so just ask.
  3. VFMauiAoi

    VFMauiAoi New Member

    oh sorry i must be confusing people, maui is my aoi's ring name(it rhymes, haha) i just live in an isolated little town in texas. damn, no competitors here...

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