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Anyone still play ps3 FS?

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by catz-hk, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. catz-hk

    catz-hk New Member

    Seem no people online
  2. OldManMixah

    OldManMixah Member

    Depends on your location, but yes. Especially right now. Some folks in NYC and Cali are hosting weekly sessions. Information is mostly on Discord though.
  3. SoulTruth2013

    SoulTruth2013 Well-Known Member

    Here is the link to VirtualRevival's discord

    here is @Harpooneer's Discord as a second VF discord for US Player matchmaking.

    You will find people there to play with. Plus I host room matches everyday at 6pm Pacific time. So hit me up on the discord.
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  4. Harpooneer

    Harpooneer Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that discord server is actually quite active! It was actually made by @FeliciaTFighter who ran VF at Combo Breaker last year, and there are a lot of nice features for finding matches in the States. If you don't mind European connection, or you yourself are in Europe, VirtuaRevival is good for you.
    Here's a link to the US one that will expire in one day. If you miss the window feel free to PM me or someone and we can invite you again.

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