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Discussion in 'Aoi' started by Arcticwind, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Arcticwind

    Arcticwind New Member

    Well try as I might I can not find any good Aoi play tactics especially about high damage combos. So with that in mind I have developed some of my own to post here .

    Starting with a 101 damage wall juggle 111 if you couter hit with it
    DF K - BF P+K- D P+K+G the timing between the first to strrikes is the hard part. The kick must stagger them off the wall giving you time to do the BT P+G.
    I will post more soon. I encourage others to add to the list. Aoi sorely neglected by most players who don't want to take time to learn her =)
  2. Nutlog

    Nutlog Well-Known Member

    Talkin about Aoi, right? She doesn't have a b,f+P+G or a back turned P+G (just trying to see what you're talking about with B T). Are you perhaps refering to b,f+P+K?
  3. Arcticwind

    Arcticwind New Member

    Yes you are correct it it B,F,P+K My mistake I fixed it =)
    Another nice tactic though it's not a combo is to try
    DF P+K, D G+P+K since the DT P+K forces your oppent to crouch This does 15+60 damage if you counter with it the damage is 22+60
  4. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    Aoi just isn't a combo-based character... the most you can get in terms of a true combo is PPPK after an MC on df+P or f+K or b,b+P+K, or f+KK after a stomach crumble like b,df+P. Against a wall, it's probably easier to just wait for them to land and ground throw (df+P+G). If you "combo" into a low throw, it'll only work once or twice, since the opponent will start reversing the throws as they stagger.
  5. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    *bump* After playing around with "heavy" (strugglable) wall staggers for Aoi, you really don't need to end with a low throw to get some crazy damage:
    MC f,f+P (wall) -> b,f+P+K -> f+KK -> df+P+G for 113 damage
    MC f,f+P (wall) -> b,f+P+K -> d+P+K+G for 117 damage, escapable
    MC f,f+P (wall) -> b,f+P+K -> db+P+K+G for 113 damage, escapable
    You can also start the aforementioned combos with an MC df+K, a normal f,f+P, or even an MC db+P.
    My favorite style combo: MC df+P, KK (wall), df+P+G. 84 damage, and it works with an MC f+K or (on lights) a b,b+P+K.
  6. GalzPanic

    GalzPanic Member

    Great combos...a few non-combo tidbits I'd like to add:

    f+k+g , p is pretty good...crumple is possible, and the P has excellent recovery. You can ppp after.

    Also p+k,p,p seems really good. What are your thoughts?

    I like also like to d+p, backdash,'s great.

    I luv Aoi.
  7. feii

    feii Well-Known Member

    heehee been awhile since i last posted.
    f+k+g,p is easily interuptted.i dun use tat too often...
    okie now for my 2 cents...
    her b.d/f+p crumble --> f+kk --> d/f+k(backstagger) --> f+kk
    takes off the most damage imo.
    tat is if yr opponent TRs.
    if he doesnt...just add a f+k --> d/f+p+g to give him some encouragement to TR.

    i agree tat aoi takes time and patience to learn.shes not much of a combo character.kinda mid-move reliant too.but shes great to use.hehe.
  8. Jythier

    Jythier Member

    I use F+KK way too much. It's my go-to move. That and F-P+KP. I almost never use guard cancels, but only because I'm not fast enough. I only just discovered the wonders of low throws. But the highest damage I've been able to do is 93. Most of the time I just use PPPdK, opponents will usually come back with something mid, unless it's Lion, who comes back with something low. Reversals are very nice to have, when you know what's coming, which can be all the time. Damage is not a factor against a human opponent (It's great when there's a long one, and your friend is sceaming "Ow ow ow!")
    Also, Aoi able to reverse almost every move with just three commands.
    But, my favorite Aoi tactic is the ring-out. Really, she should have some wall throws, but I guess they left those out. /versus/images/icons/frown.gif She has many ways of maneuvering her opponent. Such as... from the YY stance, u or d does a cool spinny thing that puts you on your opponents side. Also, four throws I can think of put your opponent behind you, on the ground. bP+G, b/dP+G, d - fP+G, and d - d/fP counter-hit throw, bP+G. The other three go farther though. Also, the YY stance itself can toss your opponent for a good wall combo if you have your back to the wall. It's dangerous, but if you need to turn around a match, run away to the edge and go for the ring out throw. bP+G works very well for this purpose, but I suppose some might see ring-outs as cheap. They must not have been playing with Aoi's incredibly low damage.
    My movefor when they are about to go is backdash twice, then uK+G.
    In all honesty, I'm not very good. I've never made it to 2nd Dan. But I am still learning, even though I have about 400 matches. Ranked matches. Just with Aoi. >< (Something around 230-190) But now I've been reading up on Aoi, and ever since I've been 150-150 I've never had a session with a negative win-loss, except in versus with my friend. (Stupid Lau) For some reason I'm worthless against that fast low spin kick.
    Well, I'll practice more and get back to you. Aoi needs more players! So they can help out me. Hehe.

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