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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Vicks Biru, Dec 31, 1999.

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    Aoi Midi... but there's a catch. You must download Melody Assistant (2 MB), otherwise it cannot be heard. Reason is becos the maker of it used a shareware version, and can't save it as a midi, only as a .mus file. So if you want it, download 2MB, plus another 5KB for the .mus file. Download Melody Assistant at <url></url> and the .mus file at <url></url>. Oh yes, and if you know there are any other midis circulating except VF2 Sarah, Kage, Shun, Akira; VF3 Lau, Dural, Sarah and Intro, tell me!!!

    Oh yah, the midi conversion is about 90%. The beginning tune is not repeated, the deep bass in the bground is gone. The metronome takes place of the chime and the taiko. No water sounds as well, nor Aoi's pathetic screams.
    <font color=orange>Better run home to Mama now! Ohohohohoho...</font color=orange>

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