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Discussion in 'General' started by Hadaka, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. Hadaka

    Hadaka Member

    This probably is not the best place to do this, but I do have a problem.

    I'd like to see Aoi perform in some higher level matches. But all the sites referred to are in japanese, korean or something - and I can't even make out the character names in the matchups - and that is _if_ I find the movie download page.

    And every time I've gone through the forum for posts that mention some Aoi movies, they have already disappeared from the sites.

    So, if someone would be so kind to post a few direct links to Aoi movies, preferably anything else except MOV, since I'm not on a Windows machine (ASF, WMV, etc. are fine). The better the players in the matchup, the nicer.

    And if this is completely out of line request, just ignore it - I will not post a request like this again so it's easier to just let it drop away.

  2. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    [shameless plug] has a sizeable repository of movies available, all categorized by location, tournament event, characters played, etc. Plenty of Aoi clips here. Only problem is that the files are served off an FTP back-end, and the FTP server is typically full. So what I'd recommend is that you find the names of the Aoi clips you want to download, then use a regular FTP client like WS_FTP to retry login to the VF4fx server (IP=; logging in may take awhile depending on how busy the server is, but once you're in, you can download all the Aoi clips you want. [/shameless plug]

    Alternatively, once you identify the Aoi clips that you want, try logging on to (CreeD's FTP server) and you can grab the movie clips by matching the filename (CreeD and I generally leave the filenames intact from the original download source, so the same files should have the same names).
  3. Hadaka

    Hadaka Member

    Sorry, your site uses JavaScript to browse, so it doesn't help me much. I'm not too much of pages that can't be displayed without JavaScript - I have been to your site before.

    ...time passes...

    Actually it did help, I just used the source to pick up all the Aoi links. Then used the rocking 'lftp' to queue them. Wasn't too handy ofcourse, but did the trick.

    So thanks, you may have helped my problem!

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