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Discussion in 'Aoi' started by ealain, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. ealain

    ealain New Member

    I recently got VF4 evo and find Aoi to be my favorite because of her style. She is definately suitable as a defensive/reversing player but I'm having difficulties consistently blocking and reversing attacks of any kind. The YY stance is definately useful, but other than that, I can't block or reverse worth shit. If anyone has any advice that would be great. Otherwise tell me if it is just a matter of playing training and arcade mode over and over again until I get the whole reflex thing down.
  2. Dandy_J

    Dandy_J Well-Known Member


    "Hmm...should I read and reply to an already popular thread concerning the question I have, or should I create a COMPLETELY FUCKING NEW THREAD FOR NO REASON? Hmm....."

    BTW, welcome to the forums. /versus/images/graemlins/grin.gif

    Edit: 300 posts oh shi
  3. ealain

    ealain New Member

    We are thankful though the one in the dark has been a little sick lately. Poor bastard.
  4. Dandy_J

    Dandy_J Well-Known Member

  5. KiwE

    KiwE Well-Known Member

    Batman plays DOA3 (No I don't know why).
    Yeah, welcome to the board btw you crazy man (besides, in his defence, the thread you're reffering to was started by Banshee Dandy so it's kinda stylepoints his way still).
  6. ealain

    ealain New Member

    I give credit to the Irish.

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