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Aoi VF5FS Moves and Strategies Discussion

Discussion in 'Aoi' started by Tiripsem, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Tiripsem

    Tiripsem Well-Known Member

    As the title states.

    With things like Aoi's new moves from [G] cancel, new moves from tenchi stance, to reworked frames. There are countless strategies to fake out, counter, or break some bones.

    Posting videos for reference would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]

    So to start...

    Kingo has brought this up in another thread how useful this move has become so I've been paying attention to it more recently and it's properties are very interesting. For example...

    At 1:18, It causes Aoi to pass Sarah's attack (I assume only because Sarah's initial hit was a high).

    Aprrox 1:52, After [G] cancel [K] counter hit, [3][3][P] looks like a good option against abare players.

    *Remember this move is -13 on block!

    Another move I was intrigued with was Aoi's new [P]+[K] move. No one really mentions it I'm guessing because it's main purpose is used to extend combos.

    At 0:48, it isn't a combo starter on here but on counter hit it is a combo starter. It also gives a nice +7 on hit. However, the fact that it's a 21 frame attack might keep players away from it. The staple combo is [2][K][P][P].

    **Also in this video, at 1:48 Aoi cancels into [P] tracking Jeff who had evaded [6][P]+[K]. Potent anti-evade maybe?

    [K][P][K] has changed a lot since vanilla VF5. In both animation and use. It is now used in most combos and also is [G] cancel-able which is always a plus.

    1:48, You can see it's cancel properties come in handy when Aoi's [P] doesn't hit and after, it's used in the [2][3][P]+[K] combo.

    *What's with the number 48 in these videos?
  2. Sebo

    Sebo Well-Known Member Content Manager Taka Content Manager Jeffry

    33P is still a great attack, made better because the hit throw connects on normal hit, so the -13 isn't that bad. If I remember correctly, MalcomX from the tourney that was posted a while back used this move a lot. It can go under a lot of the higher animated mids, but my memory is a little fuzzy.

    Basically it is on of the many good options Aoi has from crouch/crouch dash. You can CD, do 33P if you expect an attack (that may stuff you), 2_3P+K if you you you can beat them (it's less evasive, but leads to bigger damage). If you expect a block, go for a throw/low throw (LTs are improved greatly in FS). Etc. But 33P hit throw connecting even on normal is a huge plus.

    As for the warp, yeah, similar things have happened a lot when I played an El Blaze, where we would warp when I would do 33P while he does 8P+K.

    P+K... yeah, I'd only advise using it to get a bound.

    KPK is awesome, and can be used with many different launchers (depending on weight). What I found to overlooked from a lot of vids and Aoi players I saw in Japan, KP_K as a punisher at -14 is excellent. KP is guaranteed and gives decent frames (can't locate my Master Guide right now), the last K is a half-circ mid that is very delayable (beat failed evades), staggers(?), and can be G-canceled.

    To spell it out, on whiff punish/-14:
    KP>K/delay K
    KP>KG Throw/G-Attacks
  3. Tiripsem

    Tiripsem Well-Known Member

    Yes, I remember. He used it after [1][K] once which caught my attention since I barely use [1][K]. I'm glad they made it hit even on NH, it'll twice as useful now. I've had similar occurrences vs Eileen's Zenk flip, went right under her lol.

    Yeah, shame, I was kind of expecting it to have more of a use since it replaced Aoi's sobering slaps [​IMG]

    To add on to that, [K][P][K][G]'s animation can easily catch someone off guard.

    You have a Master Guide? Can you please post a picture of Aoi's movelist, it would help a ton [​IMG]
  4. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    Aoi VF5FS

    MOVES CHANGE ( framewise or properties)

    [​IMG] [3] [P] : [4] [P] [+] [G] is now a hit throw even on NH. It's also a good tool to punish low sweep for 57 damage.

    [3] [P] is now 15 fr, but -2 on block and +4 on hit. Nothing guaranteed on CH though ( +8 )

    [6] [6] [P] is now +6 NH and +8 CH
    [K] [+] [G] only +9 on CH
    [3] [K] is now -6 like generic side kick
    [​IMG] [3] [P] [+] [K] [P], natural combo on recovery hit ( but leave Aoi at -1 ), -6 on block, only combo starter on CH
    [K] [P] [K] last kick is cancellable but -9 on block
    [4] [P] [K] the last hit is a mid kick ( cancellable ), stagger crouching opponents, -1 on NH
    [6] [6] [P] [+] [K] floats higher on CH
    [1] [P] has a better animation, looks faster and seems to avoid high during its execution, and KN on CH.
    [4] [3] [P] stagger -> easy to struggle out and recover ?


    [G] cancel move~[P] : high ( double ? ) punch, hit throw
    [G] cancel move~[K] : mid knee, stagger crouching opoonent, advantage on NH and CH
    [6] [K] [P] the knee has now a delayable punch follow up, -10 on block.
    [4] [K] [+] [G] new sabaki against kicks and knee
    [3] [K] [+] [G] new mid kick, KN on hit, and causes wall splat.
    [6] [4] [P] new sabaki against low punches and maybe high punches, combo starter on CH
    [P] [+] [K] combo on CH, but slow, useful for combo since it causes light Bounce.
    [6] [K] [+] [G] causes the heavy Bounce on combo, on NH you can combo with [6] [K] [K]
    [K] [K] second kick has new slow animation, no longer natural combo on NH
    Tenchi Stance [6], [P] launcher
    Tenchi Stance [6], [K] low kick
    Tenchi Stance [4], [P] high guard break, +15
    Tenchi Stance [4], [K] launcher
    Tenchi Stance [4], [K] [+] [G] sweep
    Back turned : [P] [+] [G] catch throw


    [6] [4] [P] [+] [K] [P] last hit
    [K] [P] [K] last hit
    [4] [P] [K] last hit
    [2] [K] [P] [P] last hit


    I think her [3] [P] [+] [G] from VF5 vanilla and R is gone, she gains a new throw with [4] [P] [+] [G] and a low throw doable by [3] [P] [+] [G]


    Not sure, but I think she can get a free ground throw attempts after all her reversals. I also believe she can reverse a light pounce no matter how is her position on the floor.
    Punch or elbow Inashi puts the foe side turned and closer, for a free [P] [P] [K]
    Her new animation of a side kick inashi looks very similar to her inashi of a high or mid kick.. for me it's hard to tell the difference judging from the videos.

    Voila, I think that's most of Aoi's changes in VF5FS. There are changes what came from VF5R but I don't take it on account.
  5. Tiripsem

    Tiripsem Well-Known Member

    Woop! Thanks Kingo! [​IMG]

    Huh, seems like [6][K]+[G][P] is gone and does [4][K]+[G] have the ability to sabaki mid kicks? It also seems like the kick in [4][P][K] is no longer full circ : /. About the reversals, I've seen someone reverse a light pounce from Wolf, I'll see if I can find it again.


    At 1:40 its easier to land the complete string even when the opponent has touched the ground compared to vanilla where the [P][P] segment would generally miss. I tried this in dojo (against Wolf) by inputting [6][P]+[K] followed by [2][K][P][P] and only the kick connected.

    Oh and about [G] cancel [K]...

    0:35, Causes stomach crumple [​IMG] (Only after [2][3][P]+[K] CH causes stagger though.)
  6. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    [4] [K] [+] [G] in VF5FS is like her [6] [4] [P] sabaki in vanilla 5: against high and mid kick, side kick and knee.
    Her full circular [4] [P] [K] in vanilla 5 was useless because very slow. In FS, at least it's natural combo if the string hits CH and since [4] [P] is full circular..
    I forget to mention her [6] [P] [+] [K] [P] is now only -10: no longer punishable by [P].
  7. erdraug

    erdraug Well-Known Member Content Mgr Vanessa

    That kick is mid and has twice the range of [6] [4] [P] [​IMG]
  8. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member


    Heh, I wouldn't say that Aoi's roundhouse kick from the [4][P][K] move in Vanilla VF5 is useless. I know I do it on occasion so to keep my opponent from wanting to immediately dash forward and grab/throw me after getting frustrated or impatient from seeing me frequently do the Tenchi stance -> [4] or Tenchi -> [2]|[8] following [4][P]. It's all part of the weird and crafty stuff I like to do. [​IMG]

    Anyway, thanks to everyone who has posted info on moves and strategies shown on uploaded FS videos of Aoi in this thread. I haven't personally watched too many FS Aoi videos lately so I really don't know everything she's capable of doing at this point.

  9. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    In that case, BT [2] [P] is far better... No need to put yourself at -9, because considering the speed of the roundhouse kick, that kick just asks to be blocked or even interupted lol. It would have been useful if we could do that move alone, not after [4] [P] only.

    This is the AOI VF5FS command list and frame list:
  10. Tiripsem

    Tiripsem Well-Known Member

    No prob' [​IMG]! That is precisely why I made this thread, the more informed you are the better off you'll be when FS is released [​IMG]

    Yes!! Thanks a ton Kingo [​IMG]!

    Good because of the fact that her vanilla [6][4][P] was a high and only used mostly against Sarah, it was 'dead weight' on her move list.

    And on the topic of [6][4][P]...


    What can probably be dubbed as Aoi's newest and best sabaki (still second only to [2][3][6][P]+[K] imo), it has good reason to be. It sabakis [2][P] so right off the bat it's a move that will definitely come in handy. It's a mid that will allow for a combo on counter hit. It's a sobering attack against Shun, -1 drink on hit. Not to mention it also does some pretty decent damage. The only real negative thing about this move is that it's evadable both directions and is a 25 frame attack (-7 on guard). The cons somewhat glib compared to the pros, however.

    Matching winning move! Great use of [3][3][P] too which I will reference again later in this post.

    Instead of elaborating on a specific move, I'll just point out some interesting parts of this video which has become on of my top favorites. It really shows Aoi's potential to dish out damage.

    At approx 0:36, reasonably damaging combo but the last segment looks techable.

    At 2:20, [4][4][P]+[K] has become Aoi's strongest combo starter when not against a wall, easily hitting Wolf for 90 damage. The combo that is shown in the video ([4][4][P]+[K] -> [6][K]+[G] -> [6][K] -> [6][4][P]+[K][P]) seems to be staple.

    At 2:40, A Sou Un Ha combo that hits for 90 dmg, looks very techable though.

    At 2:50, found the light pounce reversal [​IMG]!

    Combo possibilities video on the move [4][3][P]+[K].

    Here are the translated options,











    *Take a look at Chuboss' videos, great Aoi player [​IMG]*

    Back to [3][3][P]

    This player hacks away at the Jacky player's health practically with only that move.

    *Gotta' love his player name, [* ε *].
  11. erdraug

    erdraug Well-Known Member Content Mgr Vanessa

    I have two questions after watching the above vids, not necessarily Aoi specific. Well, actually Jacky specific [​IMG]

    Aoi vs Jacky vid #1: did Jacky's dash hammer always work like a sidekick when it finishes the opponent? I was under the impression it knocked them down.

    Aoi vs Jacky vid #2: did Aoi just tenchi Jacky's Jumping sobat? I guess it's not MCR anymore?
  12. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member

    erdraug, I'm not sure myself about question #1 so maybe someone else can answer that one.

    As for question #2 however, Aoi did certainly get into Tenchi stance to inashi Jacky's spinning kick in that second Jacky video. And that's really strange for me to see because it isn't possible for Tenchi stance to work against spinning kicks or any other circular attacks in vanilla VF5. In fact, a properly timed mid-level reversal had to be executed on that particular move from Jacky in order for Aoi to be able to push his incoming leg away instead. I'm going to have to figure out the list of non-linear attacks that the Tenchi stance would work against in FS.

    Moreover, from looking at that particular segment in the second Jacky video, it looks to me as if switching to Tenchi stance can be done far quicker after stand-up recovery in FS. I know this couldn't possibly be done as fast enough after immediate stand-up recovery to be able to push away that leg in time while pressing [4]+[P]+[K]+[G] on vanilla VF5. Believe me when I say that I've tried to do this many times with horrible results, lol.

    It looks too me as if the [6]+[K] knee comes out slightly faster in FS too, seeing it done immediately after [G]-cancelling the high elbow attack of [​IMG][3][P]+[K][P] in a few of those vids.

    And thanks again for all of you posting the vids and info. Much appreciated.

  13. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    Jumping soboat is listed as a semi circular attack even in vanilla, and from the arrow indicator in the video, it still is in VF5FS. Don't know if it could be parryed before, but it makes senses if tenchi stance can parry it in FS now.
  14. Azusabo

    Azusabo Well-Known Member

    Was Aoi's Tenchi stance referred to as YY (Yin Yang) stance at some point in VF history?

    I think you can counter Jacky's jumping sobat in Version C with YY stance and then follow up with a guaranteed 33pk. (I could be wrong about this) Countering Jacky's jumping sobat should be similar to countering Shun's k+g attack with YY, which can also be followed up by a guaranteed 33pk.
  15. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member

    Yes. I totally agree, kingo. It makes complete sense. I really didn't understand the notion in vanilla VF5 that reversals had to be used in order to parry high/mid level full circular attacks and the Tenchi stance to parry high/mid level linear and semi-circular attacks. I thought it just seemed to make things more complicated than it needed to be. Now I still have no idea if Tenchi only works on specific circular attacks like Jacky's jumping sobat, or if it can be used on every type of high- and mid-level circular attack on FS. But I know I would applaud this change if the system is actually streamlined in a way so that Aoi can parry every attack that doesn't hit low through Tenchi.

    Point taken, Azusabo. But as strange as it may seems since it looks like a circular attack on screen, Shun's [K]+[G] is actually classified as a mid-level linear kick.

  16. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    I've just tested it and it looks like her Tenchi stance doesn't reverse Jacky's [8][K]+[G] in Ver C. If it does in FS then i'm not sure what's changed there. Maybe Tenchi has changed with how it deals with aerial attacks or Jacky's [8][K]+[G] is no longer classified as one?
  17. Tiripsem

    Tiripsem Well-Known Member

    It has been fixed in FS as it is semi-circular. Tenchi will parry any high or mid unless it is a full circular or a double limb attack. In version C it is classified as a full mid circular so Tenchi will not parry it.
  18. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member


    Hopefully the system in FS has been simplified to the point that all high- and mid-level attacks -- linear and circular -- can be parried with Tenchi. There's no way to find out if this is true unless a seasoned Aoi player from Japan can actually test and verify this for us.

  19. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member


    Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification.

  20. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    It reminds me eileen's [9] [K] [+] [G] and Wolf's [9] [P] [+] [K].
    Tenchi stance can parry theses moves in FS, which wasn't the case in vanilla vers. C.
    In vanilla, some circular attacks can be parryed because not considered as circular attacks class lol. Like Sarah's [K] [+] [G] or Aoi's [4] [P]

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