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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, May 30, 2000.

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    I remember reading a post here that listed several of Aoi's moves that guaranteed or nearly guaranteed a low throw, such as 3-rd dan throw and D_f+P+G throw. However much I search, I can't seem to find the old post again. Can anyone remember the message or its contents?

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    Sorry for u to wait too long to hear the reply:

    Well, after the following situations, Aoi can MOST PROBABLY get her ground throw (never say MUST in VF esp in tb):

    1) D, f+P+G Aiki throw
    2) the d,u+P+G version of the 3-dan multithrow
    3) hit-at-the-neck high punch reversal
    4) direct-crack-leg mid-kick reversal(ie not the jump and crack one)
    5) MC low sweep d+K+G

    Under the following situation, Aoi have a high chance in getting her ground throw (for human a good bet, but for CPU it ALWAYS can escape it)
    1) after the back throw
    2) after the elbow reversal (more chance you can get it, find it's terrain-dependant)
    3) after the low kick reversal D+P+K version (not d+P+K)
    4) after kickflip reversal
    5) after a low throw (????!!!i am not sure this one)

    you may also find more info on diff faqs of Aoi they all discuss on this issues.

    Hope it can help

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    Thanks a lot for the information, Hugo!

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    The hair throw into the wall will also give you the opportunity to do a ground throw follow up.
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    The elbow reversal is very guaranteed on flat terrain -- you just have to buffer in a forward dash before the ground throw. Think Jeff's Splash Mountain and pick up.

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    //voice from the peanut gallery

    i just delay the d+P+G, myself. either way
  7. Sudden_Death

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    yep, i do the same as rich, just delay.
    i just wait till jeffrey steps back a bit by
    himself then d+PG.

    <font color=red>PICCOLO</font color=red>
  8. ice-9

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    I think they took out the buffered forward dash in TB...or at least, I know they made it easier to pick up after splash.


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