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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Feb 14, 2000.

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    I know this seems silly, but I'm not that great, As a result I'm having trouble with Aoi's multithrow.
    I can rail off
    f,d/f,d,d/b,b+P+G -----> f, u+P+G
    I've found that this is done by simply hurrying through the whole string.
    However, I've seldom been able to pull of the third, and never the fourth move in the string.:(
    I have the move listed as -----> d, u+P+G ---(finishing w/)----> d/f+P+G

    Can anyone give me advie on timings or what I could be doing wrong? I use the Agetec Arcace Stick. Plus, Is the d/f of the fourth move in the string use forward from the initial stances prior to the first throw, or does it depend where Aoi is after 1st, second, or third throw?
    I know this is basics for alot of you, but I'd appreciate any advice you can give me.

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    --------wants to learn the new characters---------
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    The second portion of the throw ends in down, not up. Up is an optional ender.

    HCF or HCB+P+G, b/f,d+P+G, d,u or u,d+P+G will give you the different enders on the 3-part.
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    This forum has a search utility. Try doing a search on the word multi and see if that helps.

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    this is a simple case of read-the-movelist-correctly

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    Well, as the previous post said, you may enter the wrong command....

    and that, the multi throw actually can done in a "sensible" way. I have tried to enter the command as slow as I can to make it "sensible" and find out that, the second dan should be entered BEFORE/DURING you trip your opp down(esp for the f,u+P+G option, u should entered asap), while that the 3-dan can be done when you break the foot. The secret is, to enter the command CLEARLY so to have it!

    For your reference, the both 3-dan throw can be followed up by a ground throw. The d,u option ground throw is guranteeded while the u,d option only if the opp stay at ground(u may have it seen in the name-entry screen at the end of the rounds)

    There are short time interval for you to enter the command of ground throw, if you do not enter it in time, you will miss it even your opp stay on the ground.

    Enjoy playing!

    From Hugo
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    Thanks Hugo! It was the timing I was concerned with. Pathetically, I didn't get the third Dan after like an hour of starting with Aoi.
    My move list as listed above is correct?

    <font color=green>Dealer</font color=green>
    --------wants to learn the new characters---------
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    Okay Dealer,

    Let me give you a brief on the whole thing of Aoi's multi-part throw.

    There are actually 3-dan in the throw, where the ground throw as a "bonus".

    1st dan: EITHER f,d/f,d,d/b,b+P+G 35pts
    or b,d/b,d,d/f,f+P+G 25pts
    (have DIFF animation for the two)

    2nd dan: EITHER f,u+P+G OR b,u+P+G (give u same animation
    ie.alt command for
    the SAME throw)
    and ENDed the multi-throw
    (both 35pts and in total 60pts/70pts throw
    depends on which 1st dan u selected)

    OR f,d+P+G OR b,d+P+G (give u same animation
    again, alt command
    for the SAME throw)
    and enter the 3-dan of the throw
    (both give you 25pts, ie 10pts less than the
    f,u+P+G option but give you the oppotunity to
    enter the 3-dan)

    3rd dan: EITHER u,d+P+G and end the multi-throw
    OR d,u+P+G and end the multi-throw
    (these two give DIFF animation, ie. they are DIFF

    4th dan: d/f+P+G (just the normal ground throw command)
    (should entered within ~3/4 sec after u
    finish the 3-dan)
    This is guranteed for the 3-dan option d,u+P+G
    and possible for u,d+P+G option if the opp lazy on
    the ground.
    25pts/35pts---the whole 4-dan give you ~105 pts

    Timing: 2-dan: f,u+P+G or b,u+P+G :asap after you see ur 1st
    dan success.
    f,d+P+G or b,d+P+G :not as tight and u may
    entered DURING ur opp is
    being tripped down)

    3-dan: d,u+P+G or u,d+P+G : rather lose, and you may
    entered it when you see
    Aoi break the opp leg.

    4-dan: d/f+P+G : you should entered the command once
    Aoi geting up/ recovered from throw
    animation, giving u a smooth motion
    on breaking the ground opp. U may
    buffer in, however, the latest time
    is ~1 sec. after so, even the opp
    stay calm on the ground u cannot
    ground throw him.

    Hope that clear enough to help u!

    enjoy "breaking legs and hands" !

    From Hugo

    p.s.: ask if any thing don't understand.
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    Jeez thanks for info Hugo, I'll try it tomorrow

    <font color=green>Dealer</font color=green>
    --------wants to learn the new characters---------

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