Arcade Stick (again) and the rubber mod?

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Nov 14, 1999.

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    Hi all, I just got the Arcade Stick. Unfortunately I'm away from my apartment (at my parent's right now) so I don't get to play with my DC for another day. Anyways, I'd like to know a bit about what everyone feels about it. Praises, gripes, indifferent comments? Also, I read back a few messages that some of the "groups" have modified their Arcade Sticks with some sort of rubber tubing I believe. I'd like to know more information. Like is it a foam rubber? Solid Rubber? And what is the size of this tubing "which can be found at any hardware store?" Is it supposed to barely wrap around the stick? I'm just curious. Would like to know more about it and what it seems to affect and make better about the controller? Is it mostly to make the controller a bit stiff to allow a much quicker response (jumping back to neutral)?
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    I personally don't like this joystick. It's too loose for me, making it difficult for me to do moves that require b,b or f,f or b,f,f inputs. I could do this with ease at an arcade, and even with the DC pad. I also found the joystick difficult to use for inputting diagonal movements. This caused me all kinds of embarrassment with flipkicks and moonsaults. And the ball top interferes with the way I normally grip a stick. But others here like the stick. Ice-9 says it just takes getting used to.
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    To dear you,

    Not so technical but just use the rubber band found in the nearby store (of course a better and pro-long if you use the better one)

    The modification is as follows:

    1) Open the case of the joystick by losen all six screws at the bottom.
    2) you can see the base of the stick and it's a square, so it has four corners.
    3) have the two ends of one of the rubber band to wipe the diagonal coners.(you need two rubber band)
    4) so make a twist on the bands that make it wape on the stick body(not it's end).

    It's the best way I found to modify it, that will not make the stick too "sticky" and can cd quite good.

    have a try!

    From yours Hugo
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    what do you mean by the shaft, all i can get it on is the tip, am i doing something wrong? also, when you say "wrap" do you mean make it into like a figure 8 with an extra loop or actually wrap the rubber band around like you would wrap a string around a pole (couldnt think of a better explanation). the reason i ask is i am sitting here with an open agetech aracade stick next to me and wondering what youre talking about, i had the rubber bands figure 8ed around the end of the stick, but i couldnt figure out how to get it around the shaft, the end result was a very odd feeling stick, did i do something wrong or is it supposed to be like this?? tell me if you dont understand what im saying
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    Sorry to reply u so late...

    the rubber band is a cicle-like thing right?, so one end of it round one of the corners of the base(square like shaft) and the other end round the diagonal-opposite corner, and then you get the oval shape rubber band rite?

    then, you should have one string of the band at the right side of the joystick and one at the left side. now, put the left one to the right, while the right one to the left. got it? it's just like a typical "sweet" shape with the stick at the center.
    ie, two suceed 8-shape overlapped with the stick-tip(body) at the overlap loop.
    do the same thing to the two corners left and you got it.

    any thing confuse? pls continue asking...

    or give me your email so that I can send you a bmp on it.

    sorry for my poor english as it's not my first lang.

    From Hugo

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