are you a true gamer? test inside..... turn volume up before reading.

Discussion in 'General' started by Sudden_Death, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    its quite simple, if you CANT find the guost in this picture within one minute : then you're a true gamer. /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif

    ps. i found it in about 20 seconds....
  2. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member

    I didn't know you were so cruel /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    I saw this site months ago. I should fool some friends with it /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  3. solfizz

    solfizz Well-Known Member

    these sites/prank screensavers always brings the meanness out of me too piccolo. haha for added effect, incorporate the flash animation in a url ending with /html instead, so as to not rouse suspicions.

    speaking of screensavers, Does anyone here remember the McDonald's screensaver? If you have it, could you please PM me, because that screensaver was the BEST (drunk Hamburglar, humorous sexual innuendo, what more could you ask for in a screensaver) and no, it's nothing scary. /versus/images/icons/ooo.gif
  4. HighKing

    HighKing Well-Known Member

    Do you know where I can find anymore like this?
  5. Oni-Kage

    Oni-Kage Well-Known Member

    That was some hilarious shit.... LOL. Thanks. I'm passing this on to friends.

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