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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Sep 16, 2000.

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    Just thought this info might be of interest to some people here.

    Ascii has recently released special edition (I guess) fighting sticks for the Dreamcast that coincided with the release of Capcom vs. SNK. There's the Capcom Style (black with yellow buttons) and SNK style (Blue with White buttons). Anyways, if I understand correctly, these are a sort of upgrade over their last version of their fighter stick (not the Agetec/Sega stick, they also had built in rumble feature--no big deal to me). The sticks do look quite similar to the arcade sticks I think most of us have used on DC. Simlar layout of buttons and all (pretty standard so I guess that's expected). However, the unique thing about the recently released Capcom vs. SNK editions sticks is that if I understood correctly, they are actually optical. On sales site like NCS, they're being touted as "non-clicky"....

    Anyways, that's as much as I know about these sticks. Average price I'm finding for them is 75 or 80 bucks. Just thought it might be a nice bit of news on the side for DC owners like myself.

    Who knows, if it really is optical, perhaps that would be a very very nice thing (though I am already so use to the Agetecs now).


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