Asian New Lunar Year - Fudd & Games in SF

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by siLEpai, Feb 19, 2002.

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    Hey y'all,

    Anybody up for a post-Asian New Lunar Year celebration in SF with some yummy fudd & games? There's a Chinese New Year parade this Saturday afternoon on February 23:
    I need a couple of hours to set up at the Biophysical Meeting, but I'm game afterwards.

    Any Bay Area folks up for some delicious dumplings / mandugook / gyoza / jiao tze and VF4 / PF afterwards? The more the merrier =) More fudd for the TUMMY *muwahahaha*

    Howard and Chris, I owe you guys for missing out on din din at the last VF lesson so my treat =D Hopefully, you'll stop tossing my Pai like a ragdoll =) If not, my Anita will be dealing out those affectionate ragdoll heads with "LOVE FOR YOU!" More reason to celebrate if Chris becomes pooh-bah =P David, you can return the fave by treating us if you land that Oracle job dude! Flower power!

    take it EZ,
    siLE Pai

    <font color=yellow>Phear da Princess of Putz 'n Play =P
    Have a <font color=red>siLE</font color=red> day! /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif
    *pika pika pIkAchU*</font color=yellow>


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