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Discussion in 'General' started by Kruza, Jun 19, 2002.

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    What's up VFDC guys? Long time no post.

    This post is mainly for the martial arts film heads, as they are more likely to know what I'm about to ask.

    I haven't seen Golden Arms in a long while, but I remembered how good this movie was, and also remembered how much of a badass Golden Arms was. However, I never knew the guy who played this role. Can anyone fill me in on who was Golden Arms? And what other movies were he involved in?

    Another guy I want to know more about is Billy Chou. I've seen Chou get down in Fist of Legend and Iron Monkey 2, and I like his character in both movies. Are there more movies that Chou played the role as a take-no-shit badass, or even a good guy for that matter?

    And, I like Donnie Yeh's character. However, I've only seen him in the IM series and nothing else. What are some other movies I can find Yeh in? MA movie heads... HELP!

    Any answers that are posted will be appreciated.

  2. NewB_4_Life

    NewB_4_Life Active Member

    Billy Chau is also in Tai Chi Master 2. You could always do an internet search for the guys you want and just look for filmography. As for Golden Arms, I have never seen that, I am a Li Lianjie and Jacky Chan fan, in that order. I also like Donnie Yen, Yuen Biao (he usually teams up with Sammo Hung and with Jacky in a few movies). Michelle Yeoh, Chingmy Yau on the ladies side, also Zhang YiYi.

    Good Luck man, and I hope I am not posting this too late.

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