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    I know that there are at least 3 versions of the stages in this game. For example, on the restarunt roof-top I have seen a clear blue day, a dark black night and, a yellow dusk-ish. Is there any way to access these backgrounds at will? I have the american version if it makes a difference. Any help is appreciated.
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    Thank you everyone for the help. Now I see how tight a community that VFers have.
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    Was that a serious or sarcastic note? Just wondering... I honestly don't know if there is a way to exactly decide the time of day on a stage... Nor do I know if there is a way to get the Dural version of the stage either. Sorry I can't help you with that question. If nobody has helped you with that one, then I'm sorry, we all probably don't know if there is a way to select it. Sorry :( As far as codes go, the only one I know of have to do with fighting Dural, Fighting as Dural, and Fighting against the alphabet character...
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    If you looked in War City you would have found your answer. Press Start while selecting your stage to get the alternate version of the stage. If you are in TB mode the default are the TB stages, and vice versa for Normal mode.

    As far as I know, there isn't a way to consistently get Dural stage. In the arcade, pressing Start while selecting the stage will give you a 1/16 chance of getting the Dural stage. I am not sure this was replicated on the Dreamcast.

    This is a well known fact among those of us who play VF on the arcades. In that sense, we are so tight of a community we forget there are outsiders who don't know.

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Thank you for the help. I wasn't being sarcastic, sorry if it sounded like I did. I come here all the time to look up tips and tactics. Most of the time my questions are already answered by other posts. When I said that it was a tight community I meant that people here give others and newbies, like myself, help. Again sorry for sounding ass-ish.
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    Oh no, not @$$ish at all :) I am thankful for this community being respectful to individuals like you and myself. This community is great, and I hope to contribute a lot towards it in the near future. Anyways, about your post, I just didn't know which way to take it. Not really your fault, it's just that writing can be 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional... depending on the time you want to put into it and well, most of us right quickly so sometimes it comes out 2 dimensional... anyways, there I go yapping again... To make a long story short, I figured you meant well, but wanted to confirm it. No hard feelings or misunderstandings now :) I think we're all good and thanks for responding to ensure the clarity :)
    What does this board has lots of that no other board I've been on has? RESPECT AND MATURITY AND IT SHOULD BE KEPT THAT WAY ^_^
    Happy Gamine (and happy bithday to me :p ).

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