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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by VF4w00t, May 20, 2002.

  1. VF4w00t

    VF4w00t New Member

    It's refreshing to see that many here are experienced players and some productive discussion happens - in contrast to theGameFAQS BBS, where the most common topic is 'I just got this game, tekken is better'.

    Anyhow, after messing with training for a while I still haven't found the differnce between BC and DBC. The commands are different, but what difference is there in the move? Damage seems the same, looks the same...

    Oh, and, before I forget - can a single palm stagger a TR? Every time I tried it produced a short, odd lokking front stagger - is the timing different then with Akira's d/f+k? And, after QCB+p, which moves does the most damage while still allowing you to recover quickly enough to TR stagger? I use P,K or b,f+P+K, but there must be something better.

  2. ReCharredSigh

    ReCharredSigh Well-Known Member

    hey so true; i took a look at gamefaqs.com forums once, and was surprised to see what type of topics pop up; usually it's not something related to the game itself, but rather how to get kumite items, how it sucks compared to tekken, or how to do (insert official name of a move).

    as for your questions; DBC should do more damage than BC; you're delaying the bodycheck, giving it a slight forward dash so that the damage that it does will be more(the bodycheck's damage is dependent on range; the closer you are, the more damage it'll do).

    yes, the single palm can be used in backstagger situations, but it's much better than the sidekick; nutlog pointed out that it causes a back-turned crumble instead of a backstagger, so that your followups are inescapable. it's slightly slower than your sidekick, and doesn't track dodgers as well, but it shouldn't affect your ability to hit TRers any different than if you tried with the sidekick.

    the most powerful followup to the StDblPm(QCB+P) is the DBC; unfortunately no TR followups there. you could try DJK(f,f+K,K), but also no followups there. maybe try a semi-charged DFS(b,f+P+K) or SJK and try to followup from there if they TR.

    the case with trying to set up backstaggers from crumble stuns is that you typically need to sacrifice some damage for the possibility to do more damage; ie doing a single jump kick instead of a double jump kick.
  3. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    After Qcb+p,1) open stance /\, p-> *mshram -> lk.(lk will miss heavies. Jus do the shram and lk vs heavies.)
    2)close stance//, p-> *mshram -> lk.
    If your oponent Tr(after either 1 or 2), sidekick them for backstagger. If they don't, (hehe), as3 ->df+p for 90+pts.
  4. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, the p has to be left out inorder for as3 to connect. qcb+p->*mshram->lk->as3(if opponent don't TR.)->df+p.

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