Best action after Lei Fei's [DM]P+K in opponent's back?

Discussion in 'Lei' started by Jajo, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Jajo

    Jajo New Member

    I know that after opponent's techroll, i can get a back hit with a fast f,f, [DM]P+K. But what is the best action after this? I'm doing f,f+K [IN]K, but it's not much, so i'm just curious if there is any better (more damaging) action? I saw on one movie like someone did after [DM]P+K, u+K,K, f,f+K [IN]K, but i think this is non guaranteed damage. Can anyone cofirm this or maybe give me even better action after that? Thanks a lot for any help.
  2. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    read the dojo.

    Search for

    "back stagger combo"
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    In case you still havent read the dojo, ill just post the combos for you, because ive got nothing better to do right now:

    These are Lei's Combos that require stances or other special conditions.

    80% combo
    [DM] P+K(fully charged), *b+P,P - f, f(dash) - d+P+K+G - ** [DM] P+K - f, f+K - [IN] K - [IN] K+G

    [DM] P+K(fully charged), *b+P,P - f, f(dash) - d+P+K+G - ** [DM] P+K - f, f+K - d+P+K+G - [DM]K - d+P+K+G - [DM] P, P+K - uf+K+G

    * = head crumble, other head crumble moves will qualify for this combo
    ** = only if opponent TR

    Next time, make sure to read through the currently available guides and search the boards, and then ask your question, making it clear that you have done those two valuable things. This isnt to be rude. Its just that if people do not do those simple steps, then the board gets cluttered with a whole lot of questions that have been already answered.

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