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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Rare_Entity, Aug 30, 2014.

By Rare_Entity on Aug 30, 2014 at 1:41 AM
  1. Rare_Entity

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    Rare Entity
    So a popular youtube channel known as the "Best Friends Play" has a series called Friday Night Fisticuffs. This week they have VF5FS featured. Will the Best Friends be able to get good at this 3-button fitegame? Either way, it could be decent exposure for VF! Jump in and join the hilarity!

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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Rare_Entity, Aug 30, 2014.

    1. Riskbreak
      Stuff they say is so bullshit it hurts but still nice to see VF getting some publicity.
    2. daRockReaper
      I can't lie I really like these guys There play at this point is kinda poor but But Pat legitimately loves VF Can't hate that and its much more casual entry point than a proper VF tutorial but it may get people interested enough to come here or buy the game
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    3. Daydream
      Good to see they're having fun with it.
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    4. IcKY99
      wow all that mashing looks like psn ranked!
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    5. daRockReaper
      Damn. Will the shots ever stop flying?
    6. oneida
      getting people who are unfamiliar with VF to think low-level play looks fun is important, it's an attainable goal for people just starting out. this video is a godsend
    7. Myke
      Genuine LOLs just watching the opening two matches! Will watch the rest later, thanks for sharing! :)
    8. Jide
      I have to admit, they're saying some incorrect information. But they're still hilarious... "Nothing is perfect for you is it Virtua Fighter!"

      "Realistic Beef!" LOL
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    9. Dhaval Katbamna
      Dhaval Katbamna
      Looks like I'm watching icky v Rock Reaper :eek:
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    10. Tha_FeauchA
      That's hella awesome. It's cool these dudes have a pretty firm grasp on fighting games mechanics and whatnot. Sos cool to see them recognize and speak highly of Virtua Fighter's mechanics and how solid it is with its "no nonsense" fighting system. Even though in FS stuff was dumbed down, the hit tracking is ridiculous, and combo potential got beefed up to a ridiculous level. This is still the most solid fighter out (That I've played). And it's great when it's noticed.

      Watching the video, I swear, no matter what level of play (obviously higher is better) this game looks smooth as fuck and not all chaotic when blows are being thrown, blocked and landed.

      It still messes my head up that in the competitive fighting game world, com-fucking-petetive. Marvel vs Capcom and USF4 are at the top, by far. And this game is under the bottom of the list. Something is wrong with that, lol.. Yea, I know a lot (and not all) other fighters are more user friendly for beginners and casual players where they can throw their stick/pad down some stairs and combos, specials and supers will happen and they can have a better chance to fight back. But for the people that practice and try to be good, why aren't they gravitating towards the games with the least amount of bs in it? When I see tournaments, I usually always hear commentators talk about people losing a match because of their character choice, vs them simply being outplayed by the other player. I guess it's more fun for people to have tools that can leave you fucked and overwhelmed with little chance to fight back. I don't know man, lol.

      Either way, whenever VF6 comes around, I hope SEGA/AM2 or whoever, tries to bring VF back a little more towards its roots. The animations are awesome in FS. But when watching the NYCVF gathering. It was nice to see 3-5 hits max (that I saw) during combos and defensive tactics not being able to be abused when they were playing VF-Final Tuned. Even though I never played that game, it was nice to see VF being played like that. I miss the days to where you had to know how to buffer a double palm with Akira to get max damage in combos (even though he had that brain dead easy TFT or overhead double palm to 4,3P into a double palm in VF5 vanilla). When you had to input throw escapes within an evade and cancel it with [G] before your evade ended if you wanted to attempt a throw escape without having a throw animation come out. When back dashing wasn't like teleporting away out of danger. Just to name a few things, lol.

      Sorry for the rant :D I just get a lil passionate when talkin VF sometimes. I quit playing fighting games when I was 14. I got back into em when I was 27 because of VF. I'm 32 now. And I'm just confused and a lil frustrated that it's one of the least popular FG's, that's all. lol. I straight up just stopped tryin to get good at this a few years ago cause of the lack of players. To each their own I guess *shrug*. Still my favorite fighter, by far.

      Shout out to the VF players. Yall know wusup.

      p.s. The above is just thoughts and opinions of one random person in the world. And I have fun playing bout any fighting game.
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    11. CorgiInSpace
      I'm a bit of a fan of their other stuff but I don't mind this episode, them getting stuff wrong like MASH 2P aside. I like that aside from third strike they have a soft spot for VF too.

      At least Pat knows some of his Wolf stuff (but forgetting Giant Swing as a Wolf player is a bit of a crime).
    12. erdraug
      Vanessa's bleaching mentioned @10:10, between the lack of backstory and low punch being OP. Actual vanessa play is laughable. I'm stopping now because the hubbub makes my head hurt.

      Also mentioned: button scheme, Yomi, Sirlin, Fuudo, old vs new throw system etc. So par for the course for an outsider's review of VF i'd say
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