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Best Players, who are they?

Discussion in 'Xbox Live' started by samtheseed, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. samtheseed

    samtheseed Well-Known Member

    Shun is Drunk
    Hey I want to know the general consensus of the better players of each characters on Xbox Live. Just state the players that have consistently impressed you and the characters they play with. I want to know who it is you guys think of when you think of a character...
    1. Happyfriend (Lau)
    2. Gentlemanthief (Goh)
    3. None Other (Shun)
    4. Imperfecto (Pai)
    5. Blahzie (Brad)
    6. Chief Flash (Wolf)
    7. BlackBauer CTU (Jacky)
    8. Cosby (Lei-Fei)
    9. Yupa vfdc (Sarah)

    There are the other characters but I can't really remember most peoples gamertag.
  2. KingofcarnageVF

    KingofcarnageVF Well-Known Member

    Konjou = Akira
    Mista T VFDC = Sarah
    VF Numbers = Lei Fei
    T-Fam = Brad
    Marly Jay = Eileen
    DaBadSeed = Lion, Aoi and Pai
    Boris of Whales = Lion
  3. social_ruin

    social_ruin Well-Known Member

    A couple of things about my list.

    1st, i have to have played enough sets against the person that i
    feel like i have a feel for how they play. If you pwned me once upon a time in a 10 minutes set, you probably won't be on here, but u never know.

    2nd, this list is comprised of how i felt, when i played them, and does not assume that this accurately reflects how strong they are against others or in a vaccuum.

    3, I haven't played everyone.

    4, for each character is listed in the order i percieve them.

    5, i tried to leave out opinion, and just go on my experience. Had templario pwned me harder than Lucky GT with goh, he would be at the top of the list [​IMG] Also, i have done my best to not let my opinion of how players conduct themselves on this board effect how i rate them.

    6, this list was made with the understanding that i know i am forgetting people who belong on here.

    7. To make the list i have to have at least played 1 set against the player where they won approximately 50% of the matches, and/or i felt i was in danger of being beaten badly regardless of the outcome.

    8. They are listed in order of their strength in relation to my experience vs them. And i do not mean strenght as an indication of skill (advanced technique) but in how difficult i found it to actually win.

    9. Sorry if you belong on the list and i forgot you.

    10. Some may not agree with my list. Some of my rankings are suspect as several of the players i played in my formative days of vf5 when i was much weaker. Or perhaps they are now stronger or weaker, or what have you. Or perhaps i simply remember the sets a certain way, and i am wrong. But here is my experience and interpretation. Enjoy:

    Aoi- DaBadseed, Kingo, Carolina Panther

    Akira- Emp Konjou, Ukdiddy, GentlemanThief, plague

    Brad- Shinn Akira (retired). Blahzie/Tfam (retired) tie


    El Blaze- Rare Entity

    Goh- 1.Gentleman, 1.A. Dadabseed, Assasan CP, Cosby

    Jacky- Denkai, Air Jacky, SDS Overfiend

    Jeffry- TWP, drawing a blank

    Kage- Todo___(japanese don't know full name), too many kages come together next

    Lau- Samurishun### (japanese player), happyfriend, tfam (retired)/beatabow (retired)

    Lei Fei- Wasted Wish (retired), Cosby (retired), Black dragon, vf#'s, turnapoid.
    (very honorable mentions to konjou, gentlemaThief, and dennis who have all used excellent lei fei's against me for a few matches, and made me think they could possibly top the list if they used him as a main or main alt).

    Lion- DaBadSeed, Texas lion

    Pai- Dabadseed, Wasted Wish

    Sarah- cosby/slide tie, mista tee

    Shun- MasaRed, jhow/none other, Denkai

    Vanassa- Erdraug, mista tee,

    Wolf- Chief Flash, Brisal, cobsy
  4. Jeneric

    Jeneric Well-Known Member

    Lemmyisthegame is the best with all characters.

    /End thread
  5. Cozby

    Cozby OMG Custom Title! W00T! Content Manager Sarah

    Stn Cozby

    EDIT: lol this is funny stuff
  6. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    here we go again.....same thread was posted a while ago...we need another?

    lock and load
  7. Slide

    Slide Well-Known Member

    Whoa lol yo good shit Coz
  8. TheWorstPlayer

    TheWorstPlayer Well-Known Member

    Don't make me blush.

    Jeffs I played online:
    1. Adam Yuki
    2. Denkai
    3. TheHappyFreind

    All whom I know have better Jeffs than I do.
  9. sanjuroAKIRA

    sanjuroAKIRA Well-Known Member

    I think you've found a keeper! (avatarwise...which reminds me if you haven't seen the movie The Apartment, it is time.)
  10. MAtteoJHDY

    MAtteoJHDY Well-Known Member

    Lau/Blaze: Darthminion (now H3adhunter)

    Wolf: AddyPAddy

    Shun: Shakal81

    Kage: Combo2008

    Lei Fei: breakawayradiz
  11. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    I dont think some people are taking this thread seriously, which is good..
  12. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Dural - Seidon

    Not really good with her but Seidon is the only Dural i've played so I vote him.

    EDIT: Sudden Death's avatar [​IMG]
  13. KingofcarnageVF

    KingofcarnageVF Well-Known Member

    Dont know how I forgot about Adam.
  14. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    I thought you cant use dural in online play?
  15. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Oh yeah this is online, doh!

    I fought Seidon's Dural at the London gathering, I think we can count it seeing as Seidon is mostly an online player [​IMG]
  16. sanjuroAKIRA

    sanjuroAKIRA Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday Beligerent_Feck & ManjiMaru. I never woulda thought you cats were born on the same day but there it is!
  17. MAtteoJHDY

    MAtteoJHDY Well-Known Member

  18. Rodnutz

    Rodnutz Well-Known Member

    oh man happy birthday guys... Wow I never noticed the little birthday cake next to people's name until today. hehe that Myke always finding a way to take care of his kids even when he is away.

    Happy birthday guys!
  19. Slide

    Slide Well-Known Member

    The joke's over Feck, we know you're Manji now...

    j/k happy birthday to you guys.
  20. Ash_Kaiser

    Ash_Kaiser Marly you no good jabroni I make you humble... Bronze Supporter

    Of course... it makes perfect sense. A serious one and a idiot one - no-one will ever guess that they're the same, but they've slipped up on the birthday thing.

    Also, damnit Jeneric, I was going to do the Lemmy joke.

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