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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by CreeD, May 4, 2002.

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    1. index.txt has been updated, so now you can get a sense of where movies come from and what the weird random ones with unusual filenames are (I try to keep filenames intact, so I can see where someone might not wanna gamble on "tbs.wmv" because they don't know what to expect). As time goes on, I'll update the index with a list of which characters are fighting in each clip (where it's not obvious from the filename).
    If I get REALLY bored I'll do the same for the old movies index.

    3. A friend of mine had trouble playing divx 5 movies for mac, at least, he couldn't play the ones I encoded/converted. I've finally figured out how to fix this.
    ---go to and download whichever of the top two links applies to you (divxtool 1.2 for OS9 or OS X)
    ---Run divxtool on the divx5 movie to make it happy and playable in quicktime (or whatever).
    ...hope that helped the 2 or 3 mac users out there. If I could somehow use this tool on my end to make the movies playable from scratch, I would.

    4. I finally figured out how to reliably (?) convert .wmv's and .asf's to other formats. 99% of you could give a crap, since most platforms handle wmv fine, but as an exercise in geekery it was kind of tough, and I'm glad I figured it out. For the curious: You take any asf or wmv that's encoded using wmv1 or wmv2, and open it in windows media encoder. Run the wizard. Then you re-encode it, choose a high-bandwidth profile, and when you are prompted to choose the audio and video codec, choose mpeg-4 v3. Finally, when the conversion is done, you'll have a similar looking .wmv. Rename it to .asf, fire up your copy of VirtualDub 1.3 (it takes some digging to find this version) and open the new .asf. Choose direct stream copy for audio and video, save it as an AVI, and poof, you're done. Except poof is sort of overstating the matter.

    Ok, that was it. Everyone be sure to check out the chibita clips from amusement act (chibita's kage, very stylish) and also the latest daioh clips (the first in the hi02420 series is good).

    Also, if the site's especially slow, my apologies. You know that board chingdude posted about, which had a dozen links or so to movies? I replied and added a link to What a dummy eh? I wake up this morning and 30 japanese people are leeching from my PC. But that's ok, I'm hoping they'll visit VFDC too once they see there are VF fanatics in the US.
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    for some reason i cant get on,it keeps sayin no page to display,please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! /versus/images/icons/confused.gif
  3. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member


    eeheh, this is pretty common - the site runs off my home computer, which is only a DSL connection. And it's a very flaky DSL connection that dies alllll the time. So if you ever can't get on, it's usually because of the connection.

    Someone has hinted to me that he will be willing to mirror my stuff on a T3 site he's going to be renting. WOOHOO! Finally, the VF archive and a bunch of other good VF stuff will be available at a decent speed.

    In the meantime, try for another great source of VF movies, and for the only VF evolution clips floating around on the web, try

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