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Discussion in 'El Blaze' started by Combolammas, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Combolammas

    Combolammas Sheep Content Manager Goh

    Just wondering if you guys have any reliable ones you want to share.
    One thing about my sub Blaze that sucks balls is that I don't really know good meaties for him exept for end combo in KKK, RD 9K+G.

    I tried a bit vs Jacky and Akira and found these vs normal side tech.

    6P,K, OM, 8P+K Meaty combostarter, -9 on block. Good reward on hit. Hits on first active vs those guys so probably works on midweights too (haven't tried yet).
    6P,K, OM 33P+K Meaty hit-throw, hits on 2nd frame on these guys when 1fk'd making it fuzzysafe instead of -6. OK reward and a mix-up on hit.
    6P,K, 9P+K+G,K Fuzzy safe kick into RD mix-up on hit. Hits on first active.

    Any combo ending in KKK it's very easy to meaty with RD 9K+G
    Also noticed if they tech KKK the wrong way after hitting it low (like after bound or 8P+K, 6P+K,P, KKK) if they tech in the opposite direction of the spin you can make P+K+G,K a meaty, might be handy near edges.

    While it's not exactly a meaty I noticed that 6P,K, 6P+K+G, RD 2P+G times itself as a low catchthrow if you just do it as fast as possible, might be a decent mix with (slightly delayed) RD P+G, which should take care of almost everything that avoids RD 2P+G. Slight delay also catches them if they just guard, it'll whiff if done ASAP vs guarding.
    Same thing is possible vs Taka after hitting him with 4P,K,P, then 6P+K+G into RD.

    Another thing vs Taka after 8P+K, KKK (noticed this works on him by delaying second K a bit) you can meaty him with 6K, 6K+G or 3K (hits on 2nd frame).

    I only just started testing Blaze meaties out so more setups would be appreciated.
  2. Krye

    Krye French Star Player

    Krye NL
    Im playing blaze a lot atm, but haven't really checked his meaties yet. An easy 50/50 on wakeup though is to just use tigerstep (3/9pkg) and mix between the hit and catch throws.
  3. 001

    001 Well-Known Member Content Mgr El Blaze

    some ideas for you guys to mess with for exact side roll, exact in place recovery, no recovery, and hopping over rising attacks. not everything works on everyone so apply with caution.

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  4. 001

    001 Well-Known Member Content Mgr El Blaze

    also om 3p+k and om 3k works as an option select meaty/down attack with certain knockdowns
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  5. Jason Elbow

    Jason Elbow Well-Known Member

    Jason ELBOW AKT
    Here's some meaties with El Blaze I have have if anyone's interested:
    - 2 K+G knockdown then P+K+G into K P+G if the opponent techs.
    - 6 P K then Rocket Discharge 2 P+G into low Catch Grab meaty on tech.
    - Any combo ending with KKK 6 ( ex: 6 K+G P 2 P+K KKK 6 ) RD 9 K+G into P ( on hit ) or K (on block). If RD 9 K+G K lands on block you can RD again for another meaty/Mix up!
    - K+G CH sideturn PPK into Salsa Step (9 or 3 P+K+G) P P+G on tech. If you think they will block You can use SS P+G catch throw.
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