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  1. SladeSteel

    SladeSteel Member

    ive been reading the forums for a couple of days now, and im glad to see there is someone with as much interest in playin jacky as me. so far im playin a 5th dan one on ps2 and was wondering about any extra tips that you could give me. also any info on green jacky clips would be much appreciated as well.
  2. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Wow, thanx for the recognition man. While I am a hardcore jacky player, I've committed the cardinal sin and deleted my Green Jacky vids. BTW the green Jacky is a guy by the name of Neo-Tower. You can go to VF4fx and see if there are any Neo-Tower vids up =). I'm working on a nice addition to my Jacky thread. Tech Roll setups!!! Anyway thank you very much for the recognition. I'll put you on my Buddy list =). Take it easy.

    One thing I've figured out is this. While I was busy mastering the Super Sonic Lightning Backdash or Forwarddash something worked rather well. When you are doing this dash you hit d/f or d/b twice to initiate the Crouch Dash. Now, while your Dashing forward towards the opponent 90% of the time your in Neutral. Which gives our favorite VF character a wonderful advantage. Neutral punch parry, when your backing away or awkwardly forward light dashing at the opponent. See after the double tapped d/f or d/b you tap the same direction once and keep guard cancelling after the input. So, the only time your not in neutral is the actual input of d/f or d/b to Guard which is extremely short considering that your holding the d/f or d/b til you hit Guard. So worst case senario you get hit somehow between the actual amount of frames that it takes for you to crouch backwards or forwards. Next best thing is you guard the attack usually being a punch if your forward Crouch dashing in someone's face, reminds me of Tekken =). Best scenario being that they punch at you in the 90 percent zone of your forwards crouch dash and you get a nasty punch parry+p and followup,also if they get intimidated by this movement try to throw out of it also. f,b+P+G is Jacky's best throw to do out of this movement, just after the guard cancel instantly input f,b+P+G don't hit a direction before the input of the throw or it won't come out. =) Sorry if this was a little confusing lemme know if I need to clarify further. Take it easy Slade =).

    P.S.- I don't really work on my CPU setups as much as human player setups. Playing people is what I'm all about, MIND GAMES!!! also know your frames =). later.
  3. SladeSteel

    SladeSteel Member

    damn bro, you got some serious info- tell me more! after watching alot of some daioh and no mercy flicks, what i liked seein was the different jackys that were played- defensive throw happy ones, or in shinz case a guard tappin 8 way walk spaz offensive jacky with ridiculous throw speed-
    i gotta try to find some ny arcades to go to play at- the ps at home doesnt cut it right now. another question for ya- why is the bkc such the preffered combo for most jacky players?- shinz used the bkc to low sweep alot and it seemed to work well against predominantly light weights like lion- i think he even pulled out the reverse backflip, which is always fun to see.--this thread remains open to those with jacky knowledge (preferrably more than me....which is probably alot of you)
    -Thanks again
  4. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Thanx, just relaying stuff I use =). Anyway on to the question you asked. Jacky's BKC is prefferred due to its initial first hit on the string which is MID, a fast mid at that, that will float on MC. Actually the more I'm playing jacky the more his backturned moves are becoming necessary to win. Most of the time instead of a regular standing punch you want to do b,b+P, then tap punch while backturned. This is true string and if the opponent tries to swing mid or high its a regular standing jab on MC. Back to his BKC, anyone that says his BKC is too powerful is an idiot. On reaction Iron_Monkey_Fist (the akira player that hands me my ass from time to time) can duck the second hit of my BKC making any other part of the BKC completely ineffective. The best move to get good at doing with jacky is his iageri, +2 on block and almost a free backflip on hit which takes a lot of damage. It's late so I'm done for now =). Yippie!!! later.
  5. SladeSteel

    SladeSteel Member

    i have been actually tryin to perfect my tech rolls-->right into knee float backflip, which looks nice...but whats the most damaging floater off of his f,k? since youve been doin alot of play vs other peeps, what techniques you think seem to work the best against them?

    -thanks again
  6. SladeSteel

    SladeSteel Member

    another little note in case you havent seen it( you probably have- try to get your hands on this vid- 0330 arasi_sinsio- im not sure where i got it from but the 2 jackys in it are the axe kick into floor bounce techniques they throw.
  7. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    The go to Jacky knee is only really effective when you tech roll if you know the opponent is going to throw. The knee interupts throws hardcore on MC. Also follow the knee with p,p,f+k its not flashy but effective. One thing to abuse is his backfist (b+p) on MC huge damage with f+p(elbow),p,k. Have you practiced his Yura setups? Jumping over the downed non-techrolling opponent after say a f,b+g+p throw or regulare G+P throw, blind beatknuckle, f,f+k then knee and do p,p,f+k. Nastiness!!! =) I'm really excited your so interested in Jacky =). Keep it up!! You've got to get FAST AS LIGHTNING =).
  8. SladeSteel

    SladeSteel Member

    im pretty sure ive seen the yupa setup in a clip- its just plain nuts...ive been screwin around with bkc +k into iageri-- another question, does iageri refer to the actual kick goin through or g cancellin it- (noob question) im tryin to get with it though =)...i actually pull off the iageri g cancel into the kickflp seen in the games intro...flashy as hell, gotta love it
  9. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    A) it's called ura...not yupa or yura

    b) SS,k, (hold G) is a simple cancel...which is the one done in the intro

    c) iaigeri: SS, k (Tap G lightly)...u'll see the kick connecting the opponent...but instead of it being fully extended..u'll see Jacky retracting the kick as soon as it connects with the this stage..insert ur own fav combos.

    Side note: even if ur iai kick successfully hits the opponent..sometimes, ur followup might miss..only because Jacky is too far away to follow up. For example..many Jacky players like to use the knee to follow up the iai kick...but the knee will miss if Jacky is too far away.

    So..judge the distance for urself.
  10. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Is it only when the kick hits that Jacky is too far with the iai? I mean, whenever I get the opponent to block the iaigeri, it seems like I can do just about anything because I'm standing right next to him. I just figured you wanted them to block the damn move when doing the iai.

    But of course, I hardly play Jacky. But getting a situation like that, nailing the opponent with the iaigeri, is a lot of fun.

  11. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    ""I just figured you wanted them to block the damn move when doing the iai.""

    the way I see it...hardly anyone wants their moves to be blocked...sometimes..having it blocked it quite ok..u can still turn the situation around....

    but with the Iai's can be easily evaded.
    Thus..proper set up is a must.

    sometimes..u miss judge the distance n press the iai too even though the kick hits the opponent..the knee is too far away to connect... so, judge the distance carefully and change the follow up.
  12. SladeSteel

    SladeSteel Member

    thanks for the information guys- what combos are usually done after the iageri?, bkc+k is what ive been usin and it seems to work well- another note- there isnt much talk about jackys d/b p+kkkk (lightning storm...i think) this is a flashier move thats easily evaded-but it seems to confuse beginner opponents especially mixing up the d,k to finish it off- for more advanced opponents not even finishing the entire combo and goin into a p,b,d,k seems to work good also.....whys jackys standing throw (one inch blow) take off so god damn little...i only see it being of use being non techable, and finally what other jacky moves are usually g cancelled?
    -thanks again
  13. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Iageri kick is awesome to get whether it hits or is blocked.

    If blocked: hopefully the guy that your playing will know you sit at a +2 and won't do anything other than possibly lp or OS, cause a GREAT follow up to a blocked Iageri is d/f+p,p,p or standing backfist. Or even a throw, the iageri is so quick that the opponent will get thrown VERY quickly in some cases while still holding guard =) "IMF!!!!!!!!!" =). later guys
  14. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    """cause a GREAT follow up to a blocked Iageri is d/f+p,p,p or standing backfist"""

    Assuming that they are foolish enuff to counter with either a standing p...or some one attacks that cannot be done from a crouching position.

    If a player that do TEG..or DTEG..then simply enuff...only low follow ups are of any good...and Jacky doesn't have a really good range of low attacking tools.

    Iai is most effective 'ONLY' when u can thoroughly understand the opponent (mean u've fought him more than 10 times-->IMF).

    Otherwise..the main area to be focused on should be how to use the SS...not just Iai.
  15. SladeSteel

    SladeSteel Member

    thx for tips on the iai- i see what your talkin about with the leg snapping back- is there a small pause between the iai and next combo- or is it that im a little slow on the controls =/...anyways thanks for all the info- whats the frame differential from jackys standing p, crouching p and backfist?

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