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    After looking through the assortment of moves and videos assembled on youtube and other various channels, I'm left with finding information on character specific matchups as daunting. The information is there, through hours of kansai cup videos and some specific youtube character searching,but what if we compiled the information here and it was one click away. The little things that everyone knows on character specifics compiled for our lackluster group of worldly players. The Magenta Book. I'm going to start with lau, as i have extensive games with him and know how most matchups work. This is an effort to compile information on "move selection", "movement changes", and specific punishes for each matchup. This is not a combo list thread or overall best move thread, it's based on the character you are facing and deduction of effective moves.

    Format: State the matchup character you are playing first 1)(Lau played VS Akira),2) state the move not to use,3) state the scenario,4) state the replacement move or better option and give a detailed answer to why. We aren't all going to agree on some of the posts in here, but i'm sure between the moderators and the character content players we can come to an agreement on what should and should not make the character specific database.
    It's ok to be smartasses and come up with funny ones, there are all types of different levels people are playing at so even the most simple ones can be effective and used in this knowledge base. For fun, i'll throw one at you, and compile more later.

    1) Lau played vs Akira
    2) Elbow
    3) Lau has dodged a low attack
    4) Lau's 6k, while 6k is slower by 2 frames, akira is extremely deadly from crouched position up close. His shoulder is a force to be dealt with, 6k hits low enough to CH a shoulder attempt, while shoulder will go under the elbow as it has special properties.

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