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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by ice-9, Oct 17, 2001.

  1. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Hey, just got back from New York for the long weekend and played some TB with the NY crew. It's been a while since I played TB competitively, and I must say I really miss the game...I've been playing Tag a lot at home and some T4 in the arcades and had been neglecting TB, but the weekend reminded me all over again why TB is still the best fighting game that I've played (I'm reserving a spot for VF4 to take over, but I'll have to play it more).

    I have to give a shout out to Andy for housing me throughout the weekend, Hiro for the last day and Adam for driving us around and for having driven around to get in some serious VFing. I sense the end of VF3 nearing, and this may have been the last big session for me until VF4 finally comes (just watch it'll arrive in NY in the next couple days...after I'm back in Durham).

    Unless...Ryan and Hatim decides to come down to visit and stake their reputation. Come on, 50%+ wins = paid flight cost sounds like a VERY good deal to me...if they think they can win over 50%. Hell, I'm not part of the equation, but I'd love the chance to play competitively one last time.
  2. GeeseHoward

    GeeseHoward Active Member

    Just gave Sega a call this morning (arcade div) and they said that kits of Vf4 wont be available until the end of this month.
    Apparently demand in Japan has slowed production of the US version of the game. I understand that the US version is cheaper, so arcade owners are waiting.

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