Came out VF4 test version in Korea..

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Aug 28, 2001.

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    hello :)

    I can't write english well, so u need to understand me...plz

    A few days ago, VF4 has came out two amusement-center in korea, but all of them was Test version(Vanessa didnt exist),

    Anyway, VFers in Korea was enthusiastically playing that and
    Someone has continuosly played VF4 for 3days.

    Because I am in other city, so I didnt see VF4. I have only
    heard the fantastic news from our best web site.

    According to saying someone played VF4, VF4 seems like VF2 mostly. moving, fighting sense and so on..

    and... VFkid has returned!!! He is exactly the best VF player in korea. anyone cannt follow his speedy hand(over frame) moving the controller.
    it's not only fast but also very correct. maybe he must be VF solider from the sky.

    VF4 compares with tekken4, VF4 is more popular.

    I am so happy to meet VFlovers... bye~ :)
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    anonymous korean,

    thank you for the update. why do you think Korea only got the test version? do you think sega is waiting to see if any more changes need to be made for a version C before distributing VF4 worldwide?

    p.s. your english writing skills are OK. :)
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    I have saw your post.. ok. we have VF4 test version.

    it's maybe illeagal . leagal version is not come in our country yet. Officer says VF4 will come on Sept.

    and it's not ver.A.... it's loca-test version.

    That's all
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    I played Virtua Fighter 4 too, in Shinchon. The Arcade ist named Joyland. The game seems to be very popular, it's always surrounded by many people. But there are I think not all of the levels and no sound is avaible. I saw one good Akira player there, very, very good.
    Which player does VFkid choose?
    I'm Korean too, but I was born in Germany and live in Germany. I'm only in Korea to learn korean. What is the name of the korean site, although my korean is not very good.
    I must know it, because I'm a big fan of VF and Sega, AM2.
    I'm not so good in VF, I only played VF2 for Saturn and not much VF3tb on Dreamcast.
    I can't handle the stick in the Arcade. In Germany the Arcades are not popular, expensive and very, very shitty.
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    VFkid is nickname.oh~ VFkid is not~!! I have mistaken. "AKIRA kid" is right.... sorry.....
    he is maybe 20 years old so that he is not kid now. but he is 14~16 years old in VF2 peoriod

    and nice to see u.

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