Can anyone please tell me....

Discussion in 'Console' started by HighKing, May 23, 2002.

  1. HighKing

    HighKing Well-Known Member

    If I should buy this joystick from

    <a target="_blank" href=></a>

    It looks like a hori made joystick, I would really appreciate your help.
  2. HighKing

    HighKing Well-Known Member

    Is this joystick made by Hori?
  3. Plague

    Plague Well-Known Member

    That casing looks a lot like the casing for the VF4 stick seen here...

    Could be Hori

    Careful when purchasing from Buyrite, I've read negative reviews of their service.
  4. nycat

    nycat Well-Known Member

    It looks real fine. The stick position is even better than the cramped Hori sticks. But, its whats inside that counts. Hori is strong.. I have a stick that looks way cool, bu the guard button is already refusing to return to original position at rest.
  5. HighKing

    HighKing Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried this stick?
  6. sayow

    sayow Well-Known Member

    Maybe It's ASCII

    Looks like it to me...
  7. HighKing

    HighKing Well-Known Member

    Re: Maybe It's ASCII

    I bet if sees this post, they'll raise the price.
  8. HighKing

    HighKing Well-Known Member

    Re: Maybe It's ASCII

    Forget about this crappy stick, I just got the old Namco stick (yellow buttons and black base). Some people say it's the best stick ever made for a home console.

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