Cding-- Is it neccisary?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Jan 4, 2000.

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    I am asking this because no matter what I do I cant crouch dash. I thought I was doing it before, but now that Ive seen a full one I know that Im not. I think its probably my agetec stick, but its all I got and I cant afford to buy a real arcade quality stick. So, is it possible to be good at this game without Cding? I mainly want to learn Kage, and Ive read the importance of the CD in a few places. If cding is a must for Kage, then are there any other characters one can be succesful with, without cding?
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    Are you sure it is the problem of your stick? well, I don't have an Agetec stick, (mine is the original DC's arcade stick), but as long as the stick's eight directions are functioning, Crouch Dash should not be a problem -- it may be difficult to pull out, but not impossible.
    First of all, there are some characters , like Lau, Wolf, Jeffery, Jacky...... who have 3,3P+G throw. Try those characters and see if you can pull out these throws. If so, then your stick should be ok for crouch dash.
    Then, you can go to training mode, see actually what your stick's input commands are. Make sure it is a clean 3,3 (353), or 323. What you will see if you succeed is your character will step ahead with a crouching pose.
    Remember, crouch dash can only be done from a standing position. If you are already crouching, you can not crouch dash. And it can only dash forward in VF3 and 3TB.

    If all these still don't work, try D-pad, use one thumb press and hold "down", the other finger taps "forward, forward", this way it should give you a 323. This may inspire you in controlling the stick.

    Good luck.
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    The agetec is the original arcade stick, (the ascii one) but on the box it says agetec. I can do the throws easily, but for some reason I cant crouch dash. I can usually do it probably 3 out of 10 tries on average. I have sat and practiced doing it over and over in practice, and I just cant.
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    Oh, by the way, regarding to your question which character does not need crouch dash........
    well, I can't think of one among the characters I am familiar with. :(
    Basically, crouch dash is an useful weapon in VF3tb, it is always good to have it, no matter which character you use.
    However, you can play VF3tb without Crouch Dash and still reach a certain good level with many characters, including Kage, as long as you know how to utilise the rest skills you have. On the contrary, if you don't know the right moment to do the right thing, crouch dash will not help you at all (and probably make you get killed faster).

    For example, following your previous post about Kage's Knee after TFT, instead of use Knee, you can try 4K+G followed by a 623P then most likely you can add a 3K (ground attack), this still gives considerable damage to your opponent. This way you don't need crouch dash, the only trick to this combo is that you have to move toward your dropping opponent a little before 4K+G. The timing and distance is the key to practice. So, during a combat, it is more important to "create the chance" to throw your opponent with TFT than "what to do" after TFT.
    Using crouch dash well makes you "more intimidating", but if you can't pull it out at this stage (as you mentioned you're new in this game), put it aside and concentrate on some other techniques first.
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    Is your stick with green bottons (6 of them, xyz abc), green stick head, gray pannel and white on the side? (yellow start botton on top)
    If so, we should have the same stick, and it is working man :)
    One more way to check your stick out:
    Slowly spin the stick around (turn it through eight directions), listen to the click sounds it makes while you turn to different position, every click means you have gone from one position to another. After you spin one round, you should hear eight clicks, then this means your stick is good.
    Feel the position where the clicks happen, between each consecutive two clicks, it is where one "direction's" range is. This may help you find out where 323 is.

    Good luck again!
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    Well, 3 out of ten times is not too bad :)
    Good spirit, sitting there practice and practice!
    I used to practice "Ho Liu Ken" in SF2 in this way, till my finger, palm, arm, and shoulder hurt. (sorry to bring up another game, for those who don't know what "ho liu ken" is, it is the same as Kage's 623P.) And this helped me playing other fighting games later on.

    Fighting games are the ultimate test of "Stick Control" :)
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    "Ho liu Ken" heheh, man that brings back the memories, Are you Chinese ^o^ ?

    oh, and CDing, make sure you do hold the last D/F longer.
    CD is as essential in VF3 as the escape button, yes you may do ok but you won't ever reach respectable lvl without it.
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    Yep same joystick. I did some more practicing and I finally got a tft>knee>ppp ^_^. Not a big deal, but definately encouraging. I think the biggest problem is how I have to sit, which is on the floor with the stick in front of me. Im gonna try to make some kind of table type thing and bring a chair in my room which should probably help a lot.

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