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Challenge Cup Finals

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Oct 9, 2021.

By akai on Oct 9, 2021 at 7:07 PM
  1. akai

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    Akai JC
    Updated on Oct. 13, 2021 - Sega's finale to its first Challenge Cup concluded on October 10, 2022. You can watched the Finals for U19 and FREE Challenge Cup on Youtube. While the qualifiers and playoffs were done online, the 2 U19 and 16 FREE finalists competed in an offline environment with no audience (due to the Covid-19 pandemic). The finals is a single elimination, first to win two games tournament. The online qualifiers and playoffs before the finals were double elimination. For both the U19 and FREE Challenge Cups, the top 2 finishers received a trophy. In addition, the winner of each event received a special "Star Player" title for use in-game.

    Haato-sama (TA, left) won the FREE Challenge Cup and Gakusei Sarah (SA, right) won the U19 Challenge Cup.​

    2nd Challenge Cup and Season 1
    SharedScreenshot.jpg 2nd Challenge Cup will restart in 2022.
    Season 1 "YOUNG AGE" Qualifier.
    Seiji Aoki commented on wanting to include prize money and professional players in next year's events.

    In Game Titles
    Over 200 players participated in the Challenge Cup that was started in August and concluded in October. You most likely have seen some accounts have a special titles that were given to the Challenge Cup participants.

    Additional Links to the Qualifiers and Playoffs:
    FREE Qualifiers (12 Groups) - Each group's Winner Finals
    U19 Qualifiers and FREE Playoffs (2 and 4 Groups respectively) - Each group's Losers and Winners Finals.

    The Finalists
    Some additional information on the finalists and their match history throughout the first Challenge Cup. Online Rank listed as the highest rank they achieved as of Friday, October 8th.

    U19 Finals - 2 Players

    1. Gakusei Sarah (SA) - Level 32 (PSN ID: JSB_Yossy757)
    2-0 against Nao (AO)
    2-1 against Rabinrinsu (JN)
    Final: 0-2 against Nao (AO), reset
    Grand FInal: 2-0 against Nao (AO)

    2-0 against Awa Akira (AK)
    2. Awa Akira (AK) - Level 34 (PSN ID: HayAkira7)
    2-0 against Hayabusakana (WO)
    2-1 against Shake (KA)
    Final: 2-0 against Shake (KA)

    0-2 against Gakusei Sarah (SA)

    FREE Finals - 16 Players
    1. Tonchan (JA) - Level 44 Skylord / Tenshoushin (PSN ID: KOE-TON_CH) - Tonchan (also known as Tonkatsu) consider the "Strongest Active Player in the Arcades". KOE_TON_CH is a shared account with Koedo (JN).
    2-0 against Paichichi (PA)
    2-0 against Jin (KA)
    2-0 against Shiro (JA)
    2-0 against Debirokku (LA)
    Final 2-0 against Jin (KA)

    2-1 against Yogo (KA)
    2-1 against Samejima (VA)
    2-0 against Barugo (JN)
    Final 0-2 against Haato-sama (TA)
    2. Haato-sama (TA) - Level 46 Novalord (PSN ID: kothiyasanae) - consider the "Strongest Player on Console". Have 6 characters in the Lord/God rank on his account.
    2-0 against Ruki (VA)
    2-0 against Ginyuu (BL)
    1-2 against Nidaime Furaibo (JA)
    2-0 against Kaesaru (JA)
    2-0 against Densetsu SP (JN)
    2-1 against Puuta (JN)
    Final 2-0 against Nidaime Furaibo (JA), reset
    Grand Final 2-0 against Nidaime Furaibo (JA)

    2-0 against Koufumegane (AO)
    2-0 against Mannish (BR)
    2-0 against Buruha (SH)
    Final 2-0 against Tonchan (JA)
    3. Yogo (KA) - Level 44 Skylord / Tenshoushin (PSN ID:yogo_VoooVtb & taiko-beya2 shared account)
    2-0 against shibatashi (LI)
    2-0 against Ikebukuro Sarah (SA)
    2-0 against Yoppii (SA)
    2-1 against Drum's Ko (AK)
    Final 2-0 against Drum's Ko (AK)

    0-2 against Tonchan
    4. Shark (VA) - Level 43 Magmalord /Bakuenshin (PSN ID: sharkva2021)
    2-0 against Budouhai Pai (PA)
    2-0 against Itsukiil (LE)
    2-0 against Gokuu (JN)
    Final 2-1 against Kiriko (VA)

    0-2 against Kubinashi Rider (LE)
    5. Gorugonzoora (LA) - Level 43 Magmalord / Bakuenshin (PSN ID: Gorgonzola55)
    2-0 against Shin'i (PA)
    2-0 against Kazu (LE)
    2-0 against Tome (SA)
    2-0 against Donburi (BL)
    Final 0-2 against bizkid (PA), reset
    Grand FInal 2-0 against bizkid (PA)

    0-2 against Samejima (VA)
    6. Barugo (JN) - Level 44 Skylord / Tenshoushin (PSN ID: Jeanogre)
    2-0 against Uraohsu (LA)
    2-1 against Ikunai (VA)
    2-0 against Kumagorou (AK)
    2-0 against ChinpanJ (JA)
    Final 2-0 against ChinpanJ (JA)

    2-0 against Raion (JA)
    2-1 against Umecchi (EI)
    0-2 against Tonchan (JA)
    7. Umecchi (EI) - Level 42 Magmalord / Bakuenshin (PSN ID: mega-umetti)
    2-1 against Takitarou (TA)
    2-0 against Yūrakuchou (LE)
    2-0 against Kyou-chan (SA)
    2-0 against Homestay Akira (AK)
    Final 2-0 against Kyou-chan (SA)

    2-1 against Jannu (JA)
    1-2 against Barugo (JN)
    8. Raion (JA) - Level 42 Magmalord / Bakuenshin (PSN ID: raion_0201)
    2-0 against Piērumiyacchi (JA)
    2-1 against Chinobrad (BR)
    2-0 against Teketeke (KA)
    0-2 against Fernandio (SA)
    2-0 against Malcom X (AO)
    Final 2-0 against Fernandio (SA), reset
    Grand Final 2-0 against Fernandio (SA)

    0-2 against Barugo (JN)
    9. Jannu (JA) - Level 45 Dreadlord / Genmeishin (PSN ID: janne0427)
    2-0 against Porarisu (VA)
    2-0 against Kashin (TA)
    2-0 against Kamereon (PA)
    2-0 against Mannish (BR)
    Final 2-1 against Osage (BR)

    1-2 against Umecchi (EI)
    10. Pometarou (JE) - Level 44 Skylord / Tenshoushin (PSN ID: pometaro-555) Itsuro
    1-2 against Yodoriba Jacky (JE)
    2-0 against Kurita Oyakata (TA)
    2-0 against Takatin (BR)
    2-0 against Yodoriba Jacky (JE)
    2-0 against Iichiko (EI)
    Final 2-1 against Zonchan (LE), reset
    Grand Final 2-0 against Zonchan (LE)

    0-2 against Mannish (BR)
    11. Buruha (SH) - Level 44 Skylord / Tenshoushin (PSN ID: buruha123)
    2-0 against MSZ-006 (JA)
    2-0 against Assamu (BR)
    1-2 against Penkiya-san (LA)
    2-0 against Choutarou (JN)
    2-1 against Sandwich (BL)
    2-0 against Penkiya-san (LA)
    Final 2-1 against YOU (SA), reset
    Grand Final 2-1 against YOU (SA)

    2-0 against Yodoriba Jacky (JE)
    2-0 against Kubinashi Rider (LE)
    0-2 against Haato-sama (TA)
    12. Koufumegane (AO) - Level 44 Skylord / Tenshoushin (PSN ID: koufumegane)
    2-0 against MOV (BR)
    2-0 against Ginrou (WO)
    2-0 against Itabashi Zangief (SH)
    Final 2-0 against Itabashi Zangief (SH)

    0-2 against Haato-sama (TA)
    13. Yodoriba Jacky (JE) - Level 40 Lionheart / Onibutei (PSN ID: yodo-san) - two brackets (#10)
    2-1 against Pometarou (JE)
    2-1 against popBean_VF (VA)
    1-2 against Zonchan (LE)
    0-2 against Pometarou (JE)

    2-1 against next (GO)
    2-1 against Chopper (LI)
    0-2 against Homestay Akira (AK)
    2-1 against Gomuzou (BL)
    2-1 against Chopper (LI)
    2-1 against Jinwoo (LE)
    Final 2-1 against Homestay Akira (AK), reset
    Grand Final 2-1 against Homestay Akira (AK)

    0-2 against Buruha (SH)
    14. Mannish (BR) - Level 43 Magmalord / Bakuenshin (PSN ID: mannish4432) - two brackets (#9)
    2-0 against Menchikatsu (TA)
    2-1 against Osage (BR)
    2-0 against Fuu-chan (AK)
    0-2 against Jannu (JA)
    0-2 against Osage (BR)

    2-0 against Hiraganadeaoki (JA)
    2-0 against Masukudo Taakii (BL)
    2-0 against Drum's Ko (AK)
    2-1 against Zonchan (LE)
    Final 0-2 against Densetsu SP (JN), reset
    Grand Final 2-1 against Densetsu SP (JN)

    2-0 against Pometarou (JE)
    0-2 against Haato-sama (TA)
    15. Kubinashi Rider (LE) - Level 44 Skylord / Tenshoushin (PSN ID: kubinashi-rider-)
    2-0 against Tomarion (LI)
    2-0 against Aki (LI)
    2-0 against Shiro (JA)
    2-1 against Puuta (JN)
    Final 0-2 against Shiro (JA), reset
    Grand Final 2-0 against Shiro (JA)

    2-0 against Shark (VA)
    0-2 against Buruha (SH)
    16. Samejima (VA) - Level 43 Magmalord / Bakuenshin (PSN ID: sirzima)
    2-1 against Reorao (GO)
    2-1 against Katayama (PA)
    2-0 against Gin Okami (WO)
    2-1 against Iorin (TA)
    Final 2-0 against Reorao (GO)

    2-0 against Gorugonzoora (LA)
    1-2 against Tonchan (JA)

    Information of the event taken from Sega of Japan eSports website.
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Oct 9, 2021.

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