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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Oct 21, 1999.

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    I just got the US version of VF3tb and was wondering where to go for help to improve from a novice to an expert with a few characters?
    I am obviously aware of the info availible upon entering, but I want to try my luck with taka and Aoi.
    PS Is it advised to focus on one character to try to get as good as possible, or do experts enjoy knowing every character "fairly well."

    Thanks a lot

    --------wants to learn the new characters---------
  2. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Experts will eventually branch out to other characters, not only because they may be bored with their chosen "specialized" character, but also because playing other characters will enable them a deeper understanding how the character works. So the player will be able to better deal with opponents that use those characters in the future.

    I would, however, recommend concentrating on one character to be adept with. Once you can become competitive with the character (around Step 2 level) you can try other characters.

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Thanks for your info
    Again, I apologize for my naivete, but how does one know when you're "step 2" or otherwise?
    Is there a legend so that I can understand some of your conversations like "TFT" and other abreviations?
    Who's your character Ice-9?
    I've always been Jacky and Shun but I know Jacky's cheap and I like Taka(although he seems not too deep) and Aoi.(strange girl)

    <font color=green>Dealer</font color=green>
    --------wants to learn the new characters---------
  4. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    There is a http://Lexicon over at http://War City that can help introduce you to common VF slang, but the document is a bit old and in need of some updating. TFT stands for Ten Foot Toss, Kage's b+P+G throw.

    As for knowing what Step level player you are...that's a bit more difficult to say. I suppose I should write something to clear that issue up. See if you can answer yes to all of these questions:

    - Do you know most of the character's moves, especially his/her useful ones?
    - What are the character's most effective strategies?
    - Can you execute any move that you want to without any trouble and on reflex?
    - Can you defeat beginners on a regular basis?
    - What are the character's staple combos?
    - Do you know what moves for your character are throw counterable?
    - Do you know all the hit levels of your characters' moves?

    If you can answer yes to all of that, you're probably a Step 2 player or at least close to completing the Step 2 level. Step 1 players are those just starting out and "discovering" the game. Step 3 players are more advanced.

    There is a Jacky Step 1 guide in the Jacky section. You should take a quick look at it--if you know everything that's in the guide, then you're probably past Step 1.

    If I were you, I wouldn't let the idea that many consider Jacky "cheap" deter you from using the character. Jacky is a very powerful character at all Steps and quite easy to use--he was made this way so don't feel "bad" about using him.

    Taka, let me assure you, has a lot of depth. He cannot be played the way Jacky is played. Shun and Aoi are characters that are quite difficult to learn the game with. If you like Jacky as a character, then I would definitely recommend sticking with him.

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Dear you,

    Just do what you want to do...

    I start my character at Aoi and Taka also, and still I feel good in competiting my local opponent. What you try is to have fun in this game.

    To be honest, for a newbie to vf, jacky, Sarah will be a good starting character since they have less "exclusive" characteristic. Aoi is too light and taka is too heavy. so to get the first-feeling of the system and timing issue, they will be rather good.

    Every character have it's own specialty. You may say jerky's cheap however if you make your surrounding yelling " brilliant " to your jerky, then you've get the cigar.

    if you like to start with Aoi and Taka, here's my suggestion to you.

    For Aoi, she has few "character-specific" move so you should get no problem in remembering her different attack. In your mind you should always thinking of " yomi " (ie to read opponents heart). The starter move of Aoi will be d+k+g, ppp d+k+g, pp f+p p series. You should be familiar with all of them since all Aoi's attack will be based on these attacks. After so, you may get to the heart of Aoi--ie the g-cancel. try to trick your opponent with the above move with and without canceling the "cancel-able part". You will get much fun after so. Furthermore in your way of learning, you can combine your yomi with cancelable move to get the best result.
    Inspiring example/ question(simple to the master but not me):
    If you know why you may get a low reversal seen after you "train your opp like dog" with the PPPd+k+g variation, you can past the Aoi-section.

    For taka. He is a big guy and the way to get success is not speed but power. Familiar with all the palm attack of him. I like to stay crouch at the round begining. I will train my opp by starting the round with double hand swap follow with a stomp. Then, in the second round I can do my from crouch big hand to slap them in their face, hehe. or, low throw them after the delay of the first hand swap. I like also using his six punch(plam?) in a series. Many of the Taka user will use it as a starter to nail opp as u may stop in between any of the six and throw them. What I like is to get six fast plam and not stop. You opp will usually auto-block after u do this strange plam and so, u will have enough time to throw them. Another good approaching move is the three-mid-thrust (f+p+k, p, p). It's what I like most. You should do it in delay manner. and throw in a good throw in between. I usually have the head-rocker throw just when I touch my opp with the first thrust--haha, half of their life bar gone...

    inspiring example:
    Once upon a time I have a problem with Taka that I always approach my opponent wiht d/f+p--> into hit throw or double hand thrust series, OR f+p+k into varies throw series. This can do much well in 3 months but one time I get into an opponent who use akira. He reverse all my "starter" and I just can't get to him. How to deal with?? Some may suggest to use another move to approach such as low hand swap etc. This limit the use of move of Taka and really lower his power and it's what ur opp would like to see. What i do is to do the mid-thrust as usual, but in a FURTHER distance( if hit, only the second hand will touch) and just do one mid thrust. He of-course reverse me, and I get my catch throw then and finish the round....

    What you should in your mind using this too character is not actually fight your opponent's chacracter but their mind. Read their mind is most imortant and most fun. Since the both character are so strange in their setting, u shoul learn how to train ur opp.

    Hope you can get some idea of it. And if this post can trigger the real expert's reply so I can learn more on it..

    Always there if you want to have suggestion.

    Yours Hugo.
  6. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    One quick note: You can also get Aoi's punching sweep by P,P,P,d+K (d+K+G not necessary).

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Thanks a lot for your responses guys!
    I have some idea of where to start now.
    If anyone else has insight on the subject, don't hesitate to add it.

    <font color=green>Dealer</font color=green>
    --------wants to learn the new characters---------

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